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Dirty Tackle Blog Returns! An Interview With Brooks Peck

Last month, it was reported that the popular soccer blog Dirty Tackle was no more. Thankfully, we’re here to report that Dirty Tackle has returned. The popular and irreverent blog is no longer on Yahoo Sports, but Brooks Peck — the man behind the site — is here to update everyone on the future of the blog. And, for those of you who aren’t familiar with it, where to find it. Here’s our exclusive interview with Dirty Tackle’s Brooks Peck: Christopher Harris (CH): In your opinion, Is the cry that “soccer blogs are dead” premature? Brooks Peck (BP): Very much so. ... Read more

What Are Your Earliest Childhood Memories of Soccer?

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Or, for we soccer supporters, which came first for you – playing soccer or watching it on television? Looking back to my childhood, I lived in a village of just a few hundred people in west Wales. My earliest memory of watching soccer on television was probably the FA Cup Final of 1976 or 1977. By then, I would have been six or seven years old. I fell in love with soccer by playing it at my local primary school. If I tried to count the number of hours I played soccer ... Read more

Want To Grow Soccer In The US: It Takes Honest Criticism Not A Pollyanna Approach

Labor Day has come and gone, the sun is setting earlier, and, even here in Houston, the air contains a slight fall crispness. Yes, the Summer of Soccer is over, and what an interesting summer it has been. Back on Father’s Day, like a Phoenix, the US National Team rose from the ashes of its first two group stage matches in the Confederations Cup to advance to the semifinals where it shocked the football world by easily beating Spain, which was ranked by FIFA as the top national team at the time. It was this victory over Spain that grabbed ... Read more

A Toast to the US Soccer Fan as We Await the Confederations Cup Final

As both a fan and observer of American Soccer in general and the US Men’s National Team (USMNT) in particular, Confederations Cup 2009 has been a rollercoaster with amazing emotional highs and lows. As we all know, the US started this tournament with back to back losses, first losing to Italy, 3-1, and then Brazil, 3-0. While many were calling for the head of New Jersey born Giuseppe Rossi, who scored two goals for Italy, a sizable number, including myself, were calling for the firing of the team’s coach, Bob Bradley. The amount and tone of criticism was not lost ... Read more

Check Out JDJ Soccer Blog

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The First Soccer Web Site I Ever Visited

What was the first soccer web site you remember visiting? For me, my memory is a little dusty but I do remember being in college in 1996 and my professor was raving about the Mosaic web browser in one of her classes. Around that time, I remember using a bunch of different services to access the Internet. One was Prodigy, which was partly owned by Sears. Another was CompuServe. Then we had some terminals in the college library. And I started using AOL around that time, too. One of the services, I can’t remember which, listed the results from English ... Read more

Premiership Countdown: 33 Days to Go

If you were like many soccer fans this summer, you probably visited at some point to take in some of the World Cup news, blogs and guides. For example, in June 4.9 million unique users visited, which was much larger than its closest competitor (3.8 million unique users). According to Mediaweek Magazine, “ plans to continue on a permanent basis several online features introduced specifically for the World Cup, including live scoreboards with full statistical data; a real-time match tracker; live at-match blogs from Fox Soccer writers and on-air talent; and photo galleries.” By the way, a ... Read more

You’ll Never Blog Alone

It’s always refreshing to read interesting insights into the Premiership, and the You’ll Never Blog Alone page is no exception. Coined by a female Liverpool fan living in America, the blog features spunky copy, videos, photo slideshows and more.