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Final MLS Table

The season is over and, after a wild weekend, we have our playoff teams.  The first round of playoffs looks like this: West LA Galaxy vs Chivas USA Houston Dynamo vs Seattle Sounders East Columbus Crew vs Real Salt Lake New England Revolution vs Chicago Fire Before we start previewing this first round of the playoffs, let’s spend a moment looking back at how we got here: For the last month, the MLS essentially had a single table, and it was great!  With six team finishing within three points of each other, all hovering around that playoff line, east and ... Read more

MLS Schedule: Why we need a Traditional Calendar WITHOUT Single Table

Major League Soccer Logo We’ve read for many years that a “traditional” calendar will never work in Major League Soccer. Stadium issues, weather and competition from other sports forces MLS to play over the summer. After many years of defending that policy, I have to the realization that for once (and only once) Sepp Blatter may be on to something. The MLS calendar is misaligned not only for FIFA and world football, but for the best marketing possibilities here at home. Let’s start with the Football side of things as they stand now Transfer schedules are misaligned. The ability to ... Read more

Apertura/Clausura Debate: My Thoughts

Last week MLS Rumors broke the story that Major League Soccer had tired off fending off critics like yours truly and was looking at revamping the entire structure of its season. Subsequently, The Original Winger and BBC Five Live’s Sean Wheelock followed up on this story with more thoughts. My thinking on this subject is that it would be the most exciting development for Major League Soccer since David Beckham’s signing, perhaps since the decision prior to the 2000 season to dump the Americanized clock and tie breaking rules. MLS as it exists now can survive, but is unlikely to ... Read more

Another Look at the MLS Table

Beginning this week and re-appearing periodically throughout the MLS season we’ll begin a new exercise looking at the MLS table in a different way. Assuming clubs should get an optimum of three points at home, and aren’t expected to achieve results away from home we will see who is performing the best right now. This is particularly instructive since the MLS, partly due to being in so many multi purpose stadiums has a very unbalanced schedule. We’ll be able to tell from this exercise who is stealing points on the road and who is dropping points at home that they ... Read more

MLS Single Table Coming?

On the early week edition of the Major League Soccer Talk Podcast, Peter Brown of CSRN indicated that a single table for MLS next year could be on the way. Now, MLS Rumors is reporting the same thing. Stay tuned, some big changes to MLS could be coming soon.