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Listen to Soccer Morning with American Outlaws and Jeff Crandall from 10-11:15am ET

Today’s episode of Soccer Morning features interviews with guests Dan Wiersema from American Outlaws and Jeff Crandall. Hosted by Jason Davis and produced by Trevor Hayward, Soccer Morning features interviews with prominent journalists, players and coaches in addition to taking listener calls. Jason kicks off today’s show with Dan Wiersema of the American Outlaws as they discuss their new initiative “AO Watch”. Jeff Crandall then comes on the show to discuss the Chicago Fire’s early season results and his tour around the country working with different American soccer clubs. You can listen to Soccer Morning live via the World Soccer ... Read more

WATCH New American Outlaws Video “I Believe” Starring Ice Cube, Barry Sanders, Kevin Costner & Other Stars [VIDEO]

We all loved ESPN’s “I Believe” commercial released in April, featuring shots of the American Outlaws and one of their most beloved chants. Now ESPN has gone one better, and released an updated version of the ad, this time starring not just the Outlaws – but some of America’s biggest names. The lineup of luminaries is pretty exceptional: Whoopi Goldberg, Kevin Costner, Ice Cube, Jon Hamm, Jimmy Kimmel, Cam Newton, Andrew McCutchen, Barry Sanders, Rajon Rondo, Abby Wambach and Hope Solo. Each of them join in the “I Believe” chant while commentary from Ian Darke accompanies USMNT highlights from the ... Read more

Interview With Chris Morris, President of The American Outlaws Cleveland Chapter

The American Outlaws are a group of dedicated supporters of the U.S. Men’s National Team. The group’s mission is to “unite and strengthen” a group of fans who are described as “loud, passionate, organized and dedicated.” The organization was established in 2007 in Nebraska to bring fans together to watch matches and travel to games. They adopted the name American Outlaws because they saw themselves as outliers in a sports landscape in America that focused more on American football, baseball and other sports. Since then, the American Outlaws organization has grown to include 135 chapters across the country. Chris Morris ... Read more

Interview With The American Outlaws About Traveling to Brazil And Supporting USMNT

This week, World Soccer Talk spoke with Korey Donahoo, President of The American Outlaws, the US supporters group, on their plans to go to the World Cup in Brazil and cheer on the U.S. Men’s National Team with a group of 530 soccer-mad supporters. Incredibly, the American Outlaws have chartered three planes to take all of the fans to Brazil. When are you leaving? “June 13th.” How did you organize three planes to leave from Houston? “We have a travel company that does some of the logistics for us. We’ve done a bunch of packages in the past with them ... Read more

ESPN Launches New World Cup TV Commercial Starring USMNT and American Outlaws [VIDEO]

Finally! ESPN has released a video for its coverage of World Cup 2014 that better captures the passion of the World Cup — and, in this case, the US Men’s National Team and the American Outlaws supporter groups from around the country. The connection between the USMNT and American Outlaws is a close one. There’s no doubt that the chapters of American Outlaws across the United States has made a positive impact on the players and team, especially in their run to qualifying for World Cup 2014. Thanks to ESPN, they’re featured in the video below. Titled “I Believe,” the 60-second ... Read more

The Remarkable Growth of the American Outlaws, Now 100 Chapters Strong [VIDEO]

The American Outlaws, the US soccer supporters group with chapters across the country, have released a video to mark the remarkable growth of the organization. The US soccer supporters group has now reached 100 chapters across the globe. On Thursday, the American Outlaws announced that Wichita has become the 100th chapter. The American Outlaws said this on their official website: “The thank you’s owed to all the people that have helped American Outlaws become what it is today are immeasurable. As we march to Brazil our mission to “unite and strengthen” American soccer continues to new places and new heights. ... Read more