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Book Review

/ 34 days ago

Book review: The fall of Manchester United rests on the Glazers

What do we want in the owner of our favorite soccer club? We want someone who cares and whose primary interest is the success of our club. We want them to spend whatever it takes to win, whatever that means. Fans prefer them to be local and to have gone on the same emotional roller […]

Book Review

/ 237 days ago

Book Review for 'Flamengo: Winning All the Cups'

Brazil is to soccer what New Orleans is to jazz – the most beautiful form it can take. Brazil is always a contender to win the men's World Cup or any other competition it plays in. The national side sacks managers for only reaching the quarterfinals but no further. A last-eight finish is a waste […]


/ 303 days ago

Chelsea should look toward Emma Hayes as next manager

Chelsea’s season reached a new low with the recent 3-1 loss to Arsenal. In a way, this was a changing of the guard in London. The ascendant Arsenal battered a Chelsea squad breaking barriers in regard to futility. New ownership and continued investment have led to a putrid product. For the third time this season, […]

Gregg Berhalter

/ 349 days ago

US Soccer needs a plan, and it is failing to develop one

It's easy to get lost in the juicy details of the Gregg Berhalter and Gio Reyna drama. The constant statements from those involved are hard to ignore. But what they obscure is a sadder, scarier reality. We are three years from a North American World Cup. Yet, US Soccer has no plan for how to […]

Book Review

/ 375 days ago

Don Revie biography tells story of controversial manager

Don Revie was Jose Mourinho, Sam Allardyce, Kenny Dalglish and so much more wrapped into one. Yet, today, many younger soccer fans cannot name him or point to why he is relevant. Except, of course, that he was played masterfully and villainously by Colm Meaney in The Damned United. To many fans, especially those supporting […]


/ 384 days ago

Why Italian soccer fans should consider Helbiz Live

Fans of Italian soccer, if you don't know about Helbiz Live, you're missing out. In the soccer streaming wars, established players dominate the scene. Depending on your preferences, many of us subscribe to a combination of ESPN+, Peacock and Paramount+, among others. Yet, there is a universe of league-based streaming services that are more niche. […]