Author: Jameson Lam

Jameson is a Managing Editor Intern for World Soccer Talk. He played soccer for 10 years while growing up and supports Arsenal and the United States National Team. Living in the San Francisco Bay Area necessitates him to be insane enough to get up as early as 4:45 on Saturday morning to watch the Gunners play on TV. His full time job is in public health research, though he manages to squeeze in his fill of soccer news and matches.

Arsenal Fans Take Over New York City For A Memorable Weekend

This past weekend, Arsenal fans came in from all over North America and England to make New York City the center of Gunner fandom. The much anticipated friendly against club legend Thierry Henry and his New York Red Bulls marked Arsenal’s first appearance in the United States since 1989. As such, this really was a weekend 25 years in the making. Arsenal America and other local Arsenal supporters groups organized a large number of events throughout the weekend, from a Yankees game outing to fan socials to a 5 v. 5 soccer tournament, there were different types of events for ... Read more

Brazil 2014: What the People and Fan Fests Were Like (Travels In Brazil)

Maybe I left Brazil too soon.  I was wearing the same Brazil shirt that I had worn while watching their previous two knockout round matches.  This time, though, I was back in the US watching the Brazil-Germany game from a bar in New York City, having just arrived earlier that morning after we flew out of Brazil the previous night. That’s why they were demolished by the mighty Germans in the semis – they were missing their good luck charm! But seriously, I know better than to take credit for their performances.  In fact, it seems almost fitting that the ... Read more

Travels in Brazil: World Cup Matchday Experience in Salvador, Brazil

SALVADOR, BRAZIL – The day had finally arrived.  This was the whole point of booking a plane ticket less than a month ago and deciding to come down to Brazil at the last minute (besides, of course, the experience of traveling to a new place).  This was the day I would finally be stepping foot inside the Arena Fonte Nova in Salvador to watch a World Cup quarterfinal match – Costa Rica vs. the Netherlands. It was certainly the surprise quarterfinal matchup and not one that anyone would have predicted before the tournament started. Regardless of the matchup, I was ... Read more

Travels in Brazil: Attending the FIFA Interactive World Cup at The Budweiser Hotel

RIO DE JANEIRO — Budweiser has taken over the five-star Pestana Rio Atlantica Hotel on the Copacabana beach and transformed it into the Budweiser Hotel by Pestana.  Throughout the World Cup, the Budweiser Hotel has partnered with numerous brands to host exclusive parties and events.  Select partner events have included UFC, Playboy, EA Sports, and FIFA Interactive World Cup.  Numerous World Cup legends and celebrities have made special appearances at the hotel thus far. I had an opportunity to visit the Budweiser Hotel for an event put on by EA Sports and FIFA Interactive World Cup.  I got there early, ... Read more

Travels in Brazil: Street Art Critiques of the World Cup [PHOTOS]

RIO DE JANEIRO — For those viewers watching World Cup coverage on television in the United States on ESPN and Univision, there has been hardly any coverage, if any at all, since the opening day regarding the protests against FIFA and the World Cup, and what the residents think. Many Brazilians are not happy to be hosting the tournament as they see it as a waste of money – money that should instead be going to public services, such as education and healthcare, and infrastructure. This has led to many protests, both direct as well as in other forms, including ... Read more

Travels In Brazil: How I Became Brazil’s Good Luck Charm Against Chile in the World Cup

RIO DE JANEIRO — Brazilians have a reputation of loving soccer with a crazy passion that is unrivaled.  Based on my own experience here (at least after one day), that reputation is fully justified. We had just arrived into Rio de Janeiro from the US and Diana and I decided to watch the Brazil vs. Chile match amidst a crowd of Brazilians to capture the full atmosphere. We walked over to a bar named Botequim Informal soon after the game had started.  There were Brazilian flags everywhere hanging from above, and painted on the streets.  Speaking of the streets, they ... Read more

Can the USA Overcome the Psychological Blow Dealt By Portugal?

Thirty seconds. The USA was a mere 30 seconds away from a momentous victory and qualification into the knockout stage. Instead, all of that was snatched away right at the death in heartbreaking fashion and they had to settle for a 2-2 draw, along with just 4 points instead of 6. Soccer can be a cruel game and is often a roller coaster of emotions.  If John Brooks’ late winner against Ghana was a high, this was surely an absolute low. They put in so much effort and fought through the torrid conditions of the Amazon jungle. They went a goal down ... Read more

Where To Watch The World Cup In San Francisco

San Francisco, and the Bay Area as a whole, is a very cosmopolitan city with a large soccer fan base from all over the world.  If you’re looking to watch the World Cup in a fun atmosphere and among fellow soccer fans, here are some suggestions covering both San Francisco and the East Bay.   1. McTeague’s Saloon (1237 Polk St, San Francisco) One of the core soccer pubs that opens at all hours to show games, hardcore fans have been coming here for years to watch matches.  McTeague’s is the home of the American Outlaws San Francisco Chapter, so ... Read more