Evaluating Arsenal’s options for replacing Wenger

Pros: He has won everywhere. He is a domestic title winner in Italy, France, England, and Germany. He has reached the Champions League final four times, winning three of them (2 with Milan, 1 with Real Madrid).

There are few managers with Ancelotti’s experience managing big clubs. Fewer with his pedigree. He would be a smart signing.

Cons: There is no denying that Ancelotti flopped at Bayern. He put too much trust in big name players as opposed to form. He would have to learn from his mistakes, something that is uncommon for someone who has as much experience as Ancelotti.

Additionally, he hasn’t managed in England since he was with Chelsea in 2011. There will most definitely be an adjustment back to English football after spells with PSG, Madrid, and Bayern.

Joachim Loew:

Current Position: German National Team Manager

Pros: A proven winner. Low won the 2014 World Cup with Germany. He also took them to the semifinals in 2010, and in Euro 2012 and 2016. He has been at the helm of the German national team since 2008, and has done nothing but exceed expectations.

Cons: Low has held only one managerial position outside of a German speaking country. He managed Fernerbahce in 1998/99, which did not go particularly well. His lack of experience at a club, rather than a country, and in English football would mean that there would be an adjustment period.

Despite Arsenals current German contingent (Ozil and Mustafi), Low does not have his never ending pool of superstar talent at Arsenal. Without players like Manuel Neuer, and Toni Kroos, and Thomas Muller, will Low be able to achieve the same success?

Massimiliano Allegri:

Current Position: Juventus Manager

Pros: He has done nothing but win for Juventus since coming aboard for Antonio Conte, winning three Scudettos and three Copa Italia titles. He also navigated the club toward the Champions League final in both 2015 and 2016.

Allegri, as many Italians are, is tactically astute, and capable of outthinking his opponents. Additionally, his defensive mindset and calming demeanor could solve two of the biggest issues at Arsenal: defensive organization (or lack thereof) and crumbling under media scrutiny.

Cons: Why would Allegri leave Juventus? He has enjoyed tremendous success with the Old Lady, and has added new and exciting talent to the fold. His signings of Paulo Dybala, Gonzalo Higuain, and Douglas Costa, among others, have been wildly successful.

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