World Soccer Talk endorses Eric Wynalda and Kyle Martino for USSF President

Instead of remaining silent, we believe that it’s important to voice our opinion at this crucial time in the history of the sport in the United States.

For too long, the current regime has been riding the coattails of the success that the US Women’s National Team and US Men’s National Team achieved during the past two decades. By doing so, they’ve failed to address so many of the other issues that are apparent throughout the country such as pay-to-play, solidarity payments, the scarcity of full-time scouts, gender bias and major contracts that usurp the power, money and leverage to a league that has goals that are not aligned with the US Soccer Federation.

It’s time for a change. And not just a changing of the guard, but a radical change that will unseat the establishment and replace them with new ideas, greater transparency and more accountability.

At every level of US Soccer, the current regime of Sunil Gulati, Don Garber, Kathy Carter and Carlos Cordeiro have failed us.

In conclusion, we want to see what’s best for soccer in the United States, which is why we’re jointly endorsing Martino and Wynalda for USSF President.

Christopher Harris
World Soccer Talk editor and publisher

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