MLS investing money in player development instead of goal-line technology

Or, what if the LA Galaxy get the “goal” that sends Seattle home in the post-season when replays show clearly that no such thing happened? Or New England misses the playoffs entirely for the same reason? You get the idea. In any of those cases or many others, we’re taking about your basic PR catastrophe.

In that way, GLT is exactly like auto or medical insurance. None of us enjoy writing that check. We’re paying for something we hope to never use – all the while wondering if we really even need it?

Well, we don’t ever need insurance … until we actually need it. And then, well, we really, really need it and we’re super-duper glad we have it. Same with goal-line technology, I’m afraid. MLS could go skipping through several seasons without ever regretting the choice. Or … well, re-review those painful scenarios above and wince at the thought.

Regardless, MLS just isn’t there yet. And it sounds like we are not going to see this anytime soon?

“That would be accurate,” Courtemanche told me. “It’s certainly something that our competition [committee] experts will continue to evaluate. But right now we are focusing our resources in other areas.”

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