A comprehensive guide to English soccer TV commentators and co-commentators



Nowadays, Tony Jones is a frequent commentator on Premier League matches for IMG, which are heard on the international feed around the world. Jones has an easily recognizable voice, and can be found commentating plenty of other games including internationals. Based on the number of times we get to hear him, he’s got to be one of the hardest working men in the business. 



Sports commentator Richard Kaufman can be heard announcing soccer matches when he isn’t too busy commentating on golf for various media outlets. Some readers may remember him from his days presenting and announcing on talkSport. Listen to his demo reel.



British soccer commentator Bill Leslie has been in the business for many years, working in radio before joining Sky Sports and Setanta. He also has experience commentating UEFA Champions League games as well as announcing Scotland games, even though he’s English!



The young English commentator was one of the surprise stars of the 2014 World Cup where he put in a stellar job announcing games for ESPN. Nowadays, he can be found commentating a Premier League game each weekend.



“Motty” is one of the most famous English commentators in the business. However, most soccer fans in the US haven’t had the opportunity to hear him. That’s because he now commentates for BBC’s Match of the Day program. Out of all of the commentaries he’s done for the BBC, one of his most famous ones was his call of the Hereford-Newcastle United FA Cup game from 1972 when Hereford knocked the Toon out of the tournament. 



Mowbray is a staple of BBC’s Match of the Day program, where he lends his commentary to a different game each week. Mowbray has an easily recognizable voice. 



Besides Martin Tyler, Jon Champion and Peter Drury, Alan Parry has one of the most recognizable voices in English soccer. The Liverpool-supporting soccer commentator can often be heard behind the mic, announcing some of the biggest Premier League games every Sunday. 



Among some soccer fans, Jonathan Pearce is a cult hero. He’s a commentator that many soccer fans identify with — whether it’s in his early days as a radio commentator for Capitol Gold or BBC, or as a TV commentator on Channel 5 and BBC’s Match of the Day. His unmistakeable voice makes him an easy one to pick out from a soccer broadcast.

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