Now The World Cup Fun Begins For USA After Escaping Group Of Death

Altidore’s injury and the lack of a replacement for him makes you marvel at the cost of Julian Green’s inclusion.

Klinsmann is a flawed coach. But he’s our flawed coach.

Would you rather have him, or Löw – who even as his side was coasting to victory was furiously flapping his arms, willing more out of his side.

Löw’s tactical failings at this tournament have brought Germany down. The lack of a center forward, the four center-backs across defense, and Phillip Lahm in midfield are all hindrances to a push for the trophy.

While Löw may have won the battle, Klinsmann may yet win the war and leave this World Cup looking better than his former assistant.

The Germany game is done. A beatable and underperforming Belgium side is next in Salvador. I think the US beats them and goes into the quarterfinal – and when I saw the 23-man squad in May, I said this team was done. I was very wrong.

Now, led by a maverick’s maverick, the United States are just getting started at the World Cup.

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