So Who’s To Blame For Manchester United’s Horrendous Defensive Record?

Sir Alex is going to have a crucial role to play in how this duo ends their United career, and I fear that he will go the way of Giggs and Scholes with at least Rio, if not Vidic too. The only way to get the next great partnership started is to let both men go at the end of 2014 if not sooner to allow Johnny Evans to develop a similarly strong partnership with either Smalling, Vidic, or the emerging Wooton.

Whatever your opinion, you have to agree that Manchester United’s terrible defensive record this season is like nothing we’ve seen before at United, and if not for Robin Van Persie, it would be getting the attention it deserves. Instead, the media and United fans look to blame the easiest culprit, a 22 year old goalkeeper with just one and a half Premier League seasons under his belt for problems that have become an institutional problem for United. Whatever or whomever you’d like to blame, or you agree with my analysis completely, you better agree that if United continue to concede 1.3 goals per game throughout the rest of the season, United fans will be left to analyze something far more depressing, consecutive seasons without an ounce of silverware.

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