Jack Wilshere Urinates During Live TV Broadcast of England’s Training Session [VIDEO]

England and Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere urinated during a live television broadcast today during England’s training session in preparation for tomorrow’s match against Poland.

Wilshere relieved himself near a Vauxhall advertising signboard while England coaches and players — including Raheem Sterling, Phil Jones and James Milner — stood behind him to block the TV cameras from filming the episode.

Here’s the video of the incident:

11 thoughts on “Jack Wilshere Urinates During Live TV Broadcast of England’s Training Session [VIDEO]”

  1. Despicable….I always go behind the bushes before our games.

    Seriously….I love how Sterling is cracking up. Think about it….there is lots of peeing in these circumstances. Usually it wouldn’t be THAT funny. Maybe Wilshire had to pee the entire training session, but was holding it because of the TV cameras and finally just had those two guys make a wall for him?

  2. Is Jack Wilshere the new public enemy now? I am not going to attempt to compare apples and oranges, but this happens all the time in the States.

    People need to piss, it is a harsh reality. And when we hover around athletes and training grounds 24/7, guess what? Someone is going to piss on something while another guy blocks.

    What’s next? Slamming smoking?

  3. It does happen all the time, but Wilshire really seems to show an inability – or lack of willingness – to use his brain lately. If it weren’t on the heels of his his other recent glorious moments, this would be a non-starter.

    You’re in the spotlight, son, and you brought it upon yourself. Figure it out.


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