Giant Billboard of Gareth Bale Takes Over New York Times Square [PHOTO]

NBC Sports has unveiled a giant billboard featuring Tottenham Hotspur’s Gareth Bale in Times Square in New York City to promote the network’s coverage of the English Premier League.

Bale, who’s wearing the brand new Tottenham Hotspur home shirt, is featured in Times Square alongside another banner that reads “Premier League is coming to NBC Sports – August 17th.”

The Premier League billboard in Times Square is certainly a statement of intent by NBC Sports.

Here’s everything you need to know about NBC’s coverage of the Premier League. Plus, watch all of the promotional videos NBC Sports has released. On top of that, I’m hearing a lot of reports that NBC are promoting the Premier League quite heavily on their other NBC networks such as CNBC and MSNBC.

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17 thoughts on “Giant Billboard of Gareth Bale Takes Over New York Times Square [PHOTO]”

  1. Pretty cool. The sign will be seen by a million tourists but none of us New Yorkers who avoid Times Square like it’s a plague. Great sign though.

      1. Ignorant because you disagree with it or Ignorant because you hear claims of Bale diving and flopping so often that it must not… cannot be true?

        1. To be fair, “giant flop” implies that he is not a success. As for him being prone to flopping, I will agree to an extent. If you were worth 60-80 million pounds, you would likely avoid tackles that risked injury as well. He’s not exactly an angel in this regard, though :)

  2. NBC Sports Network is really doing a good job of setting the table before the Premier League season starts.

    I have continued to be impressed by their ads. And the MLS match coverage is really strong (…too bad the MLS is a shyt product).

  3. I’m sure Levy is pleased he can leave his home on the west side and walk down 7th to time square, get a hot dog from Nathan’s look up and smile….

    Bale is the most electrifying player in the BPL…so it makes sense….

    NBC have been doing a good job so far, what I do want to see is their pre season coverage start…hopefully with the only official BPL games this summer in the Asia trophy with Spurs, Man City, Sunderland and the local professional side.

    That kit is beautiful too!

  4. The NBC’s marketing powers have gotten is right this time. They are spot on with the chosen league, team & player. At this moment in time, the BPL has got to be arguably the most exciting, competitive domestic soccer league. Not only is Tottenham Hotspur the team to watch, in Gareth Bale they have the most exciting player in the BPL. NBC, you rock! Tottenham is also the team to watch

  5. For the Gaffer: do we have any more info on whether DirecTV will be carrying the additional channels needed to receive ALL the BPL matches?

  6. Ryne are you for real? Do you or have you ever played a football match? Getting tackled dirty or hard has no bearing on your talent you Muppet its part of the risk of playing football as is injury. And as for him not being a success just count the amount of awards he won last season and he is in the 10 nominees for the best player in Europe. Also I hardly think that Real Madrid are in the busines of trying to buy failures. I think the ignorance is mainly on your part so either think before you speak or do some homework before you comment as it just makes you sound and look stupid with comments like the ones you made. You could also speak with Jeff E who is spot on with his comments and he could perhaps shed some light on the subject for you.

  7. This banner will be awkward when he leaves for Real Madrid. By the by, the most famous Spurs player is Tim Duncan lol…he’s class and doesn’t cheat.

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