Juventus Sign Manchester City Striker Carlos Tevez In £7.6million Deal, Says Report

Juventus have agreed a £7.6million deal to sign Carlos Tevez from Manchester City on a three-year contract, according to media reports in Italy.

At Juventus, Tevez will be on wages of £90,000 per week. This comes after City, Tevez and Juventus finally were able to agree the terms of the deal. Discussions had started as early as mid-May.

The departure of Tevez from Manchester City will pave the way for Manuel Pellegrini to sign a new striker at City. Pellegrini has already signed Jesus Navas and Fernandinho. But who will be the next signing? Tell us your opinion in the comments section below, as well as whether you’ll miss Tevez in the Premier League or not.

Here are some of Tevez’s memorable moments in the Premier League:

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7 thoughts on “Juventus Sign Manchester City Striker Carlos Tevez In £7.6million Deal, Says Report”

    1. He’s making £90,000 a week at Juventus according to Sky Sports Italia. I updated the article to reflect the revised number.

      The Gaffer

  1. I just read from The Times, that terms have not been agreed by the player.

    They also said he was due 17mill next season !!!!! hence the low transfer fee.

  2. Did Pellegrini actually sign Navas and Fernandinho (or part of his agreement to manage City) or was that all done by ‘football operations’ prior to his arrival? Splitting hairs perhaps but just curious about that fact.

  3. So this is kinda a salary dump by City? When I first saw the headline, it didn’t make a lot of sense to me. As a United fan, I was always much more afraid of Tevez than anyone else City had.

    Do they need to shed his salary for FFP reasons?

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