West Ham United’s Karren Brady Talks Through Architectural Plans For Olympic Stadium [VIDEO]

West Ham United have published a video interview with Vice Chairman Karren Brady, where she goes into more detail regarding the architectural plans for the Olympic Stadium, which West Ham will be moving into for the start of the 2016 season.

Tottenham Hotspur, Leyton Orient and West Ham United were all interested in moving to the 54,000-seat stadium, but West Ham United won in the end despite Leyton Orient’s ground just being 750 yards away from the Olympic Park.

In the above video, Brady explains that there will be no running track and that retractable seats will be used for soccer matches to bring the fans much closer to the pitch. “I can promise you that no seats will be further away than that offered at Wembley Stadium,” said Brady.

West Ham United would also like to bring the “Sir Trevor Brooking Stand” and “Bobby Moore Stand” over from their Boleyn Ground and have them recreated at the Olympic Stadium. Brady added that West Ham are planning on having a Kop-style East Stand at the new ground.

4 thoughts on “West Ham United’s Karren Brady Talks Through Architectural Plans For Olympic Stadium [VIDEO]”

  1. Sorry but this club run by the porn king and co do not deserve the Multi million dollar stadium on the tax payers Dime…no football club does..unless they pay Fair market value to the government…

    Its criminal that they only have to pat 15m and 2m a year…

    All that infrastructure and cost of conversion to the football stadium….

    995 toilets… is a bit excessive for 15,000 you’ll get v peterborough in the championship.

    shady shady agreement… Government have had their pants pulled down

    1. If it makes you feel better, Spurs delayed us by two years getting in… and by doing so set the ground work for a NEW Tottenham Stadium. I hear Spurs even have sold the naming rights… Stadia de Findus Lasagne Compresi Cavallo Sounds like a mouthful.

  2. Sorry about my earlier comment. Just a little of the old green eyed monster. It was also childish to suggest that the government had their pants pulled down.

    West Ham are renting the stadium so there is no reason why they should pay more than £15m and £2m per year. I’ve also discovered that West Ham will share all naming rights with the owners of the stadium and that could be worth another £15m per year.

    I also mentioned that West ham would get 15,000 in the championship fully forgetting that they have just come up from the championship where they achieved 35,000 gates.

    All in all my post is full of total inaccuracies and I am a fool.

    1. Admitting you are wrong about something makes you the opposite of a fool.

      And if nothing else, you are certainly correct about them being owned by a porn king. TWO porn kings – with equal shares – if my memory serves.

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