Which Is Better, FIFA 13 or PES 2013?

FIFA 13 or PES 2013. Don’t know which to get?  Let’s put these two games side by side and see how they compare.


EA has almost every professional team in existence in the game. MLS fans can play it and now some of the Saudi fans can play their own leagues as well.  While PES does have limited licensing, it does have a one up with a very robust modding community and if the time is taken and the necessary files are installed, PES will have all of the real world teams. Plus, its aces in the hole are that PES 2013 has the fully licensed UEFA Champions and Europa League, Copa Santander Libertadores and a few others. And with the mod, which is FREE, you can play the World Cup and Euro 2012 without having to make a separate purchase (unlike EA).  Winner:  PES 2013


This one is a tough call. Whereas FIFA is a much ‘cleaner’ and ‘sharper’ looking game, EA still misses a lot on the game faces. PES 2013 graphics engine is starting to show a bit but the animations in some places are a lot more realistic. Both though can sometimes be a miss in celebrations.  Winner: Draw

Game Mechanics and Control

This category is another very tough call as both have improved in some areas of actual game play. However, I feel that EA has done a lot to improve on the mechanics with the First Touch Control feature. And playing defense is slightly more solid and realistic. Also in offense, there’s a noticeable difference in how the AI plays on the ball when passed or shot.  PES 2013 still has issues with AI’s sticking to each other like glue during corner kicks. Plus you may wind up doing some button mashing while tackling when playing defense. Winner: FIFA 13

Overall Gameplay

This is slightly different from game mechanics. As far as speed of the game is concerned, PES 2013 still feels more like a real world game. At times, some games seem to go really fast while the pace is more measured with others. Overall, you won’t have a game that’s a shootout because you have to be precise where you want to put the ball, which makes scoring a much more satisfying experience.  On FIFA 13, it feels like it’s catching up to PES in this regard but there are still far too many times where the game feels a bit arcade-like. However, with a few adjustments to the sliders, you can find your right pace and change the gameplay to your style.  Winner: PES 2013

Career Modes

With PES 2013, Konami has released another iteration of Master League and Be A Legend. Unfortunately, both feel slightly flat this year. The one step back is that neither really immerses you into what is going on around the league.  While Be A Legend does feature a few minor changes to help you develop your player, you still don’t get feedback from your coach. This is another area where EA has stepped up in both departments. In manager mode you now have the opportunity to manage international squads and as a player you have the opportunity to play on one. Also at key times, you will get news from around the league about job openings, upcoming fixtures and so on and it’s done very well for an EA sports game.  Most of all, whatever mode you choose, you are given clearly defined objectives which gives you a direction to where you want to go. Winner: FIFA 13

‘The Extra Bells and Whistles’

Straight out of the package, PES 2013 doesn’t have much to stand on as it only brings back a lot of the modes that made last year’s (and previous years) games a joy to play. But again, EA has come out swinging with FIFA 13. Improvements to the previously mentioned Career modes as well as the new Match Day experience gives FIFA 13 a more realistic approach. But not only that, it’s the small things that count in FIFA 13 such as in-game updates of scores from around the league and injury reports, which really separate FIFA 13 from FIFA 12 and FIFA 11.  Winner: FIFA 13

Fans will agree and disagree on which game is the better but it’s undeniable that both games in their own way are marvelous games to play. The competition between both game companies will ensure that the fans will benefit from new features and enhanced functionality in future years.

44 thoughts on “Which Is Better, FIFA 13 or PES 2013?”

  1. Wait, on a site named epltalk, the writers are giving the licensing edge to a game where the premier league is not licensed? You’ve got to be joking. I’d rather rename the two european competitions than be playing with the infamous “Manchester Blue”.

    Otherwise, I completely agree with this review.

    1. The licensing was awarded to PES because of the modding potential available NOT out of the box.

      Fixing team names/rosters is very easy and quick to fix with PES, but a real problem that no one mentions is that modding can’t add leagues — only modify. I’d much rather have more depth of lower leagues (like EPL, Championship, League 1, and League 2) than more countries leagues (these CAN be added in modding if the first part is taken care of). Because of THAT, FIFA should win.

      1. I believe I mentioned the whole league modding issue in my PES review. But dollar for dollar when it comes to having a game that I can play the Euros and the World Cup without paying extra for an expansion pack, PES is going to win becuase i can mod it in minutes and for free.

  2. Honestly.. Pes defending is horrible and frustrating.. Fifa defending better.. But fifas gameplay happens so fast where as in pes everything is at real pace. Bottom line is. If you wana have fun buy fifa. If u want a real soccer game buy pes.

  3. I havent played PES yet but it couldn’t be any worse than Fifa 13… all the extra features and “Sizzle” mean absolutely nothing if the players performance and stats are completely ignored.

    The amount of times Bale has the ball and he sprints down the flank and gets caught by every single defender at any point in the game be it 5 mins, 25 mins into the game or any point in the first half on any team is an absolute joke, this is irrespective of the defender. (this includes the rare occasion that anyone online in head to head friendlies, lobbies or seasons feature chooses a different club from Barca, Real Madrid or the spanish or brazilian national teams).

    Even against Man city Maicon alway speeds past Bale, and that has been proven to be absolute opposite and rubbish in real life. Until these game producers actually apply the right ratio’s of skills to each player when playing the game its always gonna suck.

    I have stopped playing as I am bored pa=laying against Barca, Real, Brazil and Spanish national squads. 95 % of the time.

    Same goes for Walker, Lennon, defoe, ade, Caulker they all get caught, when in reality these players create real separation, Even Ramos, Lescott and Terry beat Bale in a race..LOL Ramos really? another time modric just pushed Dembélé off the ball..LOL its like a slapstick game of football,

    I was hoping they made adjustment actually had realistic implementations of stats in gameplay.

    If PES has more accurate gameplay features for players then Ill give that a go.

      1. U think bale should be beat by maicon or Ramos in a sprint? I’m talking about them running up on bale even when bale has a head start…

        I’m not the greatest FIFA player but how great do you have to be to hold the sprint button with bale against Ramos with a 5 yard lead?

        U play as real, Barca, lapsing or brazil huh.

  4. PES 2013 overall is the better game.

    It’s true what you say that Fifa is arcad-like because i9t is, and the reason why it outsells PES is because of the kids, many of them buy but if you want a real football game you go for PES.

  5. I started playing real football offered by konami in 2010. i couldn’t believe whole gameplay. so evrytime i had to watch soccer on dstv, i felt like um watching ‘PES’. For me pes13 is a serious game cos evrytime u score it feels like u can save every goal. in africa we play pes because its a fantastic game, nd this year konami got it right except commentary. 9.5/10 for me. VIVA KONAMI VIVA…I love Pes13.

    1. going through this post i could’nt help but reply.. Elias.. y not speak for yo self. africa u gotta be kiddin me.. r u the games rep of the continent.. besides we all know that poeple play pes cos of the abilitiy to use extra hype body balance, impossible shots from center circles.. and banking on poor game play. Fifa’s harder and more realistic thats y its not played much. i happen to know that more pple prefer crap… ooopsie!

  6. I realy think PES 2013 is the better game.My son just plays fifa,although he’s great at it,I believe it to be too arcady(he plays on legendary mode)
    I tried fifa for a day or two, but missed pes gameplay.Please Konami,do something about licences.I promise you ,it will be worth it&&&&

    1. Pes is for Men , fifa is Boys ^^ Real footbal (pes) vs arcade fat footbal ( fifa ) and search : PesPatchs .com for license 😀

  7. if PES,have licensed Barclays Premier League,FIFA was no one near to PES.my advise for Konami,if you want PES was the best football game,you have to get Barclays Premier League,asap.

  8. YEs!! i agree with this “f you wana have fun buy fifa. If u want a real soccer game buy pes” and “FIFA is for boys and pro is for men”!!!!
    if PES got license no one but kids only opt for FIFA…!!

  9. Bought PES 2011, and never again, I buy FIFA for the career mode. The only good thing about PES is that you get CL and Europa League, I don’t care about the World Cup or Euros.

    PES need to make it easier to score to, the amount of times i’ve tapped shoot and hes skied it in 2011, also I can’t hack playing as “North London Red” or whoever Arsenal are on that s*** piece game.

    PES fixes these, even just the scoring, i’d probally buy both.

    1. I think scoring goals in PES 2013 is just right. More realistic..
      You may need to use proper technique according to each pass you receive and that is good. Not every pass is the same. You may end up mis-hitting a lot of times. That sure makes scoring a satisfying achievement.
      Do the tutorials more to get the hang of it..

    2. u need 2 know how 2 shoot in PES. Only in fifa can u score fake spectacular goals. When u score a goal in PES it feels good cause u worked for it

  10. How can anyone say that Pes defending is frustrating, it’s just like Fifa’s legacy, so it’s actually more realistic because it’s more one on one unlike fifa, where people basically just double team and jockey because they can’t defend because of the speed of the game. It’s soooo simple and makes you earn your win or defensive block ect ect. Pes is better more realistic but defending is so simple.

  11. the gay who make this comparison should be pay by Fifa for his free advertisment.
    But when I see all replays I think few years you will play Fifa with ur self
    because all people will play PES on future.

  12. Hello , i’m Freak . You know all to compare of the PES 2013 and FIFA 2013 who is much better.If you thinking it let trough to the PLAYER FACE . First , if go to PES 2013 and go to the edit player, search and see the Rooney and C.Ronaldo face , so fucking ugly . I give it 34 %. Then , you go to FIFA 13 you see go to edit player section and see Rooney and C.Ronaldo faces , its like a real face . I give it 94 %.You know who is much better . Then you know PES is not a real team and player , then you must download the patch ( like pesedit , smokepatch ,pesshop , etc ).But FIFA doesnt and it all real teams and player.

    But i think PES is high graphic then FIFA

    ~~~~~Just COMPARE IT~~~~~~~~~

  13. fifa’s player gesture are all identical. look at the way they dribble turn 90 degree or 180 degree, it all looks similar. player shot accuracy were too high, and the defenders take too much time to recover after performing a tackle too chase the lose ball. even the player whom lost the ball managed to recover faster to chase the ball back than the tackler whom steal the ball from them.

    pes dribbling and movement is not smooth compared too fifa but its more realistic.

    license is not important as there’s a lot of patch downloadable for free.

    pes is harder and thats why its better.

  14. fifa is child play…..
    I’ve tried playing fifa several times but frankly I find it so boring, so easy, so childish.
    PES is the real deal…..its so realistic n u get the real feel of the game…..am for Pes 101%

    PES ALL THE WAY !!!!!!!!
    pes – 10
    fifa – 0

  15. I have played fifa 13, Ultimate team and Interactive World Cup and i was always in division one. Fifa feels really fast and direct but the game becomes so boring.
    Everybody in FIFA has similar play style, while in PES you can apply different play styles, which in my opinion makes PES much more fun and spectacular.

    1. I’m division one and I promise you,not all the best players are in division 1… Personally,I’ve gotten my ass wiped clean and handed to me on a paper plate by guys 2 divisions below me,because the online mode isn’t nearly as evenly balanced as they try to make us believe. I will give PES it’s props though, the game’s visuals and pace during actual matches is spot on and even though I’m a FIFA fanboy,honestly, the two games can’t even be mentioned in the same paragraph as far as those aspects are concerned.
      The CPU difficulty on PES isn’t exactly a challenge but legendary mode on FIFA is hell on earth.
      And here’s something most people don’t know… spamming on FIFA is easy as pie with the skill moves and those high through balls… and lets not forget the “special” angles that ALWAYS produce goals.
      I just think both companies would be better off making future games together.

  16. never, guys jst be real. Check out the game speed of pes its difinetly awsum. Fifa is too slow
    while playing fifa ,it seems like they are over 30 players in the pitch.
    The fifa player faces too unreal.
    Pes got the uefa all righted

  17. I’ve buy the both and I preferred FIFA 13 because you can create your own player.PES have not all leagues and teams and some teams have not their offical names north london should be arsenal and they have not their offical strips like brazil,argentina and others.I liked more FIFA 13

  18. Well ummm im a fifa player on the manchester if you want real hard then play lengendary or pro !!!!! I dont have pes but hate the faces

  19. I actually prefer FIFA. PES felt to boring and bland commentary didn’t help. rick chevysley and andy towndsend or martin tyler and allen smith do an excellent job.

  20. FIFA is better in Gameplay and PES is better in Graphic. I play FIFA but I also play PES. I installed FIFA on my PC, I installed PES on my notebook :)

  21. PES is a simulation games . fifa is just a game . always Pes is better than fifa . Fifa is Child Play but PES is for expert players . fifa ? fifa ? lol lol lol lol

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