Clint Dempsey Pulls Out Of Fulham Tour, Wants to Force Move to Liverpool, Says Report

Clint Dempsey has pulled out of Fulham’s preseason tour to Switzerland in an attempt to force a transfer to Liverpool, says

The versatile American who can play as a striker or attacking midfielder is said to have gotten into heated debate at the training ground with Fulham manager Martin Jol. According to the report, Jol accepted Dempsey’s demand to not join the tour, and the American has been left behind to train with the Fulham youngsters instead.

While there are reports that Andy Carroll is joining West Ham United on a loan deal, and Alberto Aquilani may join Fiorentina, it leaves Liverpool with the opportunity to sign Clint Dempsey and Joe Allen.

At 29, Dempsey’s best chance to move to a bigger club is during this summer transfer window. He’s not getting any younger and he’s currently at the top of his game. His value is as high as it’ll probably ever be.

What do you think about Clint Dempsey’s actions? Do you support him? Is he doing the right thing, or is this another example of player power ruling over the power of football clubs? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

17 thoughts on “Clint Dempsey Pulls Out Of Fulham Tour, Wants to Force Move to Liverpool, Says Report”

  1. I take all reports with a grain of salt but if true it’s bush league. I’d expect better from him.

    1. The lad wants to move on and Jol won’t let him do it. I would be curious to know if he had a transfer request rejected prior to this move. If so the manager is being a colossal jerk and Clint’s actions would be completely understandable.

  2. Smart move. He just had probably the best year he’ll ever have as a pro. The next contract he gets will be the last big payday of his career. Get the maximum amount you can while you can.

  3. He doesn’t want to force a move at all, this ‘report’ is a lie. He has a minor injury and when Martin Jol asked if he wanted to travel to Switzerland with the rest of the Fulham squad, Dempsey requested not to in order to recover fully from the injury.

  4. as he should.

    Fulham can’t really do anything as Dempsey is in final year of contract. CLub gets rid of players all the time when their time is up, sometimes they try to force them out. SO i got no problem with Dempsey forcing his way out.

  5. I would completely understand Dempsey’s rationale in wanting to move away from Fulham if the team he was reported to be forcing his move to played in the Champions League. Dempsey is a near-world-class player who deserves to be playing at the highest level. He is already 29 so he doesn’t have much time left to be playing as well as he is. So maybe it is just me but the part I don’t understand isn’t his desire to leave Fulham, but his desire to join Liverpool.

  6. Any player that refuses to join his teammates because he wants out shows poor character. Wanting to leave is one thing but not wanting to continue training with your teammates is something else.

  7. Seems like there’s spots opening at Liverpool for him, but a part of me wonders how keen Rodgers is to have him and whether this is just an ownership/Henry move to force an American into the club.

  8. Why isn’t it the guy’s right to seek a bigger payday? The club wouldn’t be loyal to him if his form fell off a cliff. The two parties have a contract and that’s the extent of their obligation to each other. He’s not doing anything that the rest of us wouldn’t do to get a better paying job. The only difference is that most of us don’t wear jerseys to work….so no one cares if we switch jobs.

    Now….I do wonder about joining Liverpool. It is a step up, but not sure this gets him the European football he wants.

  9. Seeking a bigger paycheck or wanting to play for a better team are all fine but how one goes about getting it is as important. It shows he is not a team player by refusing to join his teammates on tour. Until a transfer fee is agreed he is a Fulham player regardless of how long a contract he has left. Acting like a petulant child is not what Liverpool fans will be endeared to.

  10. Why would he want to take a step back at this point in his career. If he’s going to move he should wait for big club not some mid table team. Expect fulham to sit tight and force Liverpool to pay top price just like Swansea are doing with Joe Allan.

  11. from ESPN
    “A Fulham spokesperson told ESPN: “Clint remained behind to work on his fitness along with Hugo Rodallega.

    “Contrary to popular belief the player has not refused to go, he has not had a bust up with the manager, he and Martin Jol get on fine.

    “Equally we have not had an offer for Clint and nor would the club welcome one.”

    It also states that Liverpool have made an inquiry… Much different the a real money bid.

    and who says Liverpool is really an upgrade at this point. They won the League Cup so they get to play in a play in round in the Euro Cup, hardly Champions League…

  12. I don’t care for tactics like this but hope he goes to Liverpool. I’m not a Liverpool fan but would love to see an American on a world class club. This could be big for Americans and help open our eyes to this sport. YOU HAD YOUR CHANCE DONOVAN NOW YOU CAN PISS OFF! NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU ANYMORE!

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