Top 20 Loudest Football Grounds in Premier League

Which Premier League team has the loudest home supporters? The answer may be surprise you.

“We have taken a series of measurements on the terraces of each club’s home ground and averaged this out across games and the season,” said Michael Dennis, Fan Chants managing director. Fan Chants is a website that allows you to upload your favorite songs or chants.

In the past, Stoke City has been the loudest Premier League ground, but they’ve been knocked off the top spot. Also surprising is how Wigan Athletic have louder supporters than many Premier League sides including Tottenham Hotspur.

Some of the results may surprise, some may not (such as the team that comes in last place, which are nestled into a cozy ground).

Here are the findings:

  1. Liverpool, 97 decibels
  2. Man United, 94 decibels
  3. Aston Villa, 89 decibels
  4. Everton, 86 decibels
  5. Blackpool, 85 decibels
  6. Stoke City, 83 decibels
  7. Newcastle, 82 decibels
  8. West Ham, 81 decibels
  9. Chelsea, 80 decibels
  10. Sunderland, 80 decibels
  11. Arsenal, 77 decibels
  12. Wigan, 72 decibels
  13. Man City, 71 decibels
  14. Tottenham, 70 decibels
  15. Birmingham, 70 decibels
  16. Bolton, 69 decibels
  17. Wolves, 69 decibels
  18. Blackburn, 67 decibels
  19. West Brom, 67 decibels
  20. Fulham, 65 decibels

What for you are some of the surprising results? Do you believe these numbers or disagree with them? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

28 thoughts on “Top 20 Loudest Football Grounds in Premier League”

    1. Acoustics and the shape of the stadium must play a large role, too. I find it almost incongruous that Wigan could have louder supporters than Tottenham or Man City, but there must be something in the shape of the DW that lends itself to loud crowd noises more so than White Hart Lane or City of Manchester. I mean, the DW is half empty most of the time.

      The fallacy would be equating decibal ratings with overall fan support.

      1. Empty plastic and medal stands reflect sound much better than soft human bodies which could explain how the half empty DW is “loud.”

  1. Gaffer, may I ask where you got this information from?

    I remember reading about Liverpool’s average in an article from The Daily Telegraph this week, but when I went to the Fan Chants website to look at the list I was not able to find it.

      1. liverpool 1st eh ? in the liverpool echo ? haha i went to most man city away games this season so ill judge for myself try going to a game some time instead of just copying and pasting from websites

  2. MAN UNITED 2nd!!!!
    Newcastle, Sunderland and Stoke easily the loudest in the Premier League 6,7 and 10th. This list seems highly uncredible.

  3. This would be a cool study to be able to have accurate results from. For experiments sake, if every stadium was identical, it would be interesting to see which teams have the loudest overall fans.

    1. that would be a pointless exercise, because really, who cares?

      In terms of what the players (specifically the visitors) experience on the pitch, this study is all you need. I see what you’re saying though, but all that truly matters is how loud it actually is.

  4. Way too many intangibles to make a report like this any more than mildly interesting. For instance, who were the home teams playing at the time? Was it a match that had a bearing on their league or european hopes or aspirations? How many people were in the ground at the time? Were the home team winning or losing when the readings were taken? Why would anyone believe something called “Fan Chants” website?

    1. it says its an average over the season if you read it.
      “We have taken a series of measurements on the terraces of each club’s home ground and averaged this out across games and the season,”

      1. This is from a small blog-like site, when have you ever heard anything about microphones in grounds, more like they’ve took an un-commentated piece of footage imported to movie maker and had a look at the dB.

  5. Amplitude is only apart of the equation and on its own proves nowt. Total atmosphere and / or intimidation factors should be included, as well as many others. What does any of this really try to prove ? It’s a ridiculous survey.

  6. this is ridiculous

    everybody knows that man for man, uniteds fans are dreadful, theres a reason why its known as the library, yet they are second ???

    too many factos involved in this study
    design of stadium, number of fans, time of game, opposition fans, opposing team, scoreline
    etc etc

    it doesnt take a genius to work out that man united and villa fans are some of the worst in the league whereas stoke are probably the best

  7. Man Utd get crowds of 70,000+, Stoke get 27,000 = hardly a fair comparison, for atmopshere – Stoke, Newcastle, Sunderland, LIverpool etc..are going to be the better clubs……Man Utd, Arsenal, Chelsea are full of prawn sandwhich plastic supporters…Chelsea more so, the only set of supporters that clap their team goin 1-0 up, it’s like being at a cricket ground.

  8. man united are silent. the emirates is a library. i’m a stevenage fan and when we went to old trafford for our play off final ast season we were louder than man u have ever been.

  9. Balls have you been to Wigans ground is the away fans that make all the noise not the wigan fans and everton’s atmosphere is just pathetic for a big stadium

  10. The fortress Britannia is the loudest in the country!!! I mean a total of 26000 after deduction of away supporters can make more noise than the so called top fours bigger capacity stadiums. It has already been proven that we have topped over 100 decibles proven by a sound engineer on calendar news. I say were loud and proud and dedicated.

  11. not a chance stoke first and not being funny but birmingham,wigan,blackpool,all above wolves no way mate get some real stats birmingham hardly sing

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