Now You Can Follow EPL Talk On Google Buzz

You follow EPL Talk on Twitter, Facebook and other sites. But now you can follow EPL Talk on Google Buzz, the new social networking tool that integrates into Gmail and works very similarly to FriendFeed, the company that Facebook recently bought.

At EPL Talk, we’ve created the Google Buzz account to give us a presence on Google Buzz and to deliver the latest Premier League news to your Buzz account via Gmail. Plus, we’ve incorporated the feeds from the other eight sites in the EPL Talk Network so you can also receive the latest news from MLS, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and other leagues.

To follow EPL Talk on Google buzz, go to this page. Buzz also allows you to comment on articles via the Buzz feed, and communicate with fellow readers.

Also, be sure to check out the EPL Talk forums where you can create your own blog page, upload photos, join in discussions and much more.

3 thoughts on “Now You Can Follow EPL Talk On Google Buzz”

  1. Already following, and quite pleased with the functionality. But I like facebook better. But I expect Google to improve as they go along.

  2. Just been listening to the Media Show podcast – hope they have resolved the privacy issues. Do they really send invitation messages automatically to everyone on your contacts list or anybody you’ve been in email contact with? or is that all exaggeration?

    1. TT, Google made a bunch of changes to the privacy settings during the first week after everyone freaked out (rightfully so). So, I don’t believe it does that now.

      The Gaffer

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