2008/2009 Premier League Fixtures

_44645985_giggs_ap.gifThe 2008/2009 Premier League fixtures have been announced and here are some mouthwatering matches to look forward to (all dates subject to change):

Sunday, August 31*
Chelsea v Tottenham Hotspur

Saturday, September 13
Manchester City v Chelsea

Sunday, September 14*
Liverpool v Manchester United

Sunday, September 21*
Chelsea v Manchester United

Saturday, September 27
Everton v Liverpool

Saturday, October 25
Chelsea v Liverpool

Tuesday, October 28
Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur

Saturday, November 1
Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool

Sunday, November 9*
Arsenal v Manchester United

Sunday, November 30*
Manchester City v Manchester United

Sunday, December 14*
Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester United

Sunday, December 21*
Arsenal v Liverpool

Sunday, December 28
Blackburn Rovers v Manchester City

Sunday, January 11*
Manchester United v Chelsea

Saturday, January 17
Liverpool v Everton

Sunday, February 1*
Liverpool v Chelsea

Saturday, February 7
Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal

Saturday, March 14
Chelsea v Manchester City

Sunday, March 15*
Manchester United v Liverpool

Saturday, March 21

Tottenham Hotspur v Chelsea

Sunday, April 19*

Liverpool v Arsenal

Saturday, April 25
Manchester United v Tottenham Hotspur

Sunday, May 10*
Arsenal v Chelsea
Manchester United v Manchester City

Sunday, May 17*
Manchester United v Arsenal

Sunday, May 24
Liverpool v Tottenham Hotspur

*These matches are scheduled for the day prior to the above dates (on the Saturday), but knowing Sky Sports and the Premier League, it’s very likely that these matches will be scheduled for the Sunday instead.

Here are the complete 2008/2009 Premier League fixtures.


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