Top 10 Favorite Soccer Podcasts

Between football and tech shows, I listen to 28 different podcasts on a weekly basis to make my commute that much more tolerable. Out of all of the shows I listen to, here are my current favorites:

1. The Spurs Show – Definitely my current favorite, but how funny will be it now that Martin Jol has left and when the Tony Soprano impersonations are history? Right now, each episode is laugh-out-loud.

2. The Game – Balague needs to be on this show on a regular basis to maintain a high place in my top 10. The banter between Balague and Marcotti is reason numero uno to love this show.

3. Football Weekly – If the podders can continue having episodes like this past Monday’s, they’ll surpass The Game in these charts because of one reason: humor. Glendenning needs to be a regular podder each week, end of story.

4. 5 Live Football Daily – This relatively new podcast from the BBC is a brilliant idea. Take the best football bits from BBC Five Live and combine them into a nightly podcast. Best part of the week is Friday night’s Premier League preview show with Gabriele Marcotti and former players.

5. Divers and Cheats. Other than the occasional inane remark such as touting the show as being part of “The Only Football Network That Matters,” Divers and Cheats is a winning formula focusing on the most remarkable football news stories of the week. The last two episodes haven’t been as strong as usual, so if they can get back to winning ways, there’s an opportunity to move up the chart.

6. BBC Sportsweek. Host Garry Richardson brings together some of the biggest names each week in sport on this insightful interview show. I usually fast forward past the athletes from other sports, but the football interviews alone are definitely worth the effort.

7. BBC World Football. Subscribe to this podcast and you’ll get two equally special podcasts. The first is a football documentary show hosted by Alan Green, which shows a different side to Greenie from his 606 persona. The second podcast is the World Football Phone In featuring intelligent questions about the world’s game and equally intelligent answers from Tim Vickery and Sean Wheelock.

8. Podball 365. A recent newcomer to this chart (and my iTunes subscription). Hosted by Football 365, the conversations with guests are forthright and refreshing, while some of the comedy parts are decent (especially a recent “interview” with Jamie Redknapp).

9. MP Red. The excellent podcast from the Liverpool supporters group in New York is top drawer for analysis even if you aren’t a Liverpool fan. The podcast has dropped in my charts because of the absence of the astute Simon Davis and the lack of a regular schedule.

10. Major League Soccer Talk. Host Kartik Krishnaiyer has jumped into the top 10 charts after a host of fascinating interviews. My favorites episodes thus far: Christopher Sullivan and Jamie Trecker.

And of course, check out our very own EPL Talk Podcast for the only Premier League interview show on the Internet. Founded in 2006, the show features over 100 episodes with some of the biggest names in soccer such as Steve McClaren, John Terry, Mikel John Obi, Alan Mullery, Jay DeMerit and many others.


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