The Premier League announced it will substantially increase the number of matches shown live on TV in the UK beginning with the 2025/26 season. The league will make all Sunday 2 p.m. matches available to broadcasters for the first time. Also, the Premier League is adding an extra round of midweek fixtures. This brings the total number of Premier League matches on TV from 200 currently to 270 per season. The deal covers four seasons through 2028/29.

While the Premier League is opening up more matches to TV, it will maintain the traditional Saturday 3 p.m. blackout window. This rule protects attendance at lower-league clubs where the 3 p.m. Saturday slot remains primetime. By moving more matches to Sundays, the league can balance increased TV viewership with preserving the integrity of the English soccer pyramid.

One major beneficiary of the added TV matches will be Premier League clubs playing in the Europa League and Conference League. Currently, clubs like West Ham, Brighton and Aston Villa often have weekend matches moved to Sunday due to their European commitments later in the week. Now more of these Sunday matches will be available on TV, giving clubs more exposure and revenue.

UK TV broadcasters enter bidding war for Premier League

The TV rights are split into 5 packages. A minimum of two broadcasters will show the matches. Incumbents like Sky Sports and TNT Sport will bid aggressively to retain their share of matches. However, streaming services like Amazon and DAZN enter the fray to try and wrestle away rights. With more matches available, the bidding war for rights will drive record revenue.

What it means for fans

Ultimately, the biggest beneficiaries of the new deal will be fans in the UK. The increase in televised matches gives British viewers more Premier League soccer to enjoy. For fans in the USA, this new deal has minimal impact. The league has opted to keep the traditional UK kickoff times, focusing on more matches rather than disrupting the flow of the weekend. For armchair fans in Britain, it means two more matches to watch on Sundays and an extra midweek date.

PHOTO: IMAGO & Sportimage