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/ 20 days ago

Bundesliga make major rule change in TV rights packages

The German Bundesliga has updated its media rights invitation to tender for the top two divisions for the four-season cycle 2025/26 to 2028/29, including additional details and restrictions. The match scheduling structure is mostly the same as its previous iteration. One change is that a single buyer may now purchase the four lucrative pay-tv rights […]
Mary Kouw

CBS Sports

/ 71 days ago

How CBS Sports sees itself as a risk-taker in its soccer coverage

In three short years, CBS Sports has established itself as willing to push the envelope with its studio coverage of its various soccer properties. CBS has the UEFA Champions League, NWSL, CONCACAF internationals, and Serie A. Arguably, the broadcaster is on the cutting edge of creating content that generates conversations. In exclusive interviews, World Soccer […]

Leagues: Ligue Un

/ 123 days ago

TV mess: Ligue 1 pays toll for Messi and Neymar's PSG exits

A noticeable void now exists in the Paris Saint-Germain locker room where Lionel Messi and Neymar once occupied seats. Considering the ongoing challenges faced by PSG, Kylian Mbappe may soon be joining the ranks of those departing. And in additional to PSG, Ligue 1 has taken a hit. Soccer enthusiasts worldwide took a heightened interest […]


/ 124 days ago

Premier League offers UK TV more games than before

The Premier League announced it will substantially increase the number of matches shown live on TV in the UK beginning with the 2025/26 season. The league will make all Sunday 2 p.m. matches available to broadcasters for the first time. Also, the Premier League is adding an extra round of midweek fixtures. This brings the […]


/ 141 days ago

DAZN enter fray against Sky Sports-TNT sports for EPL TV rights

Reports indicate that DAZN will most certainly participate in the next EPL TV rights auction, which might be rather competitive. The domestic rights of the Premier League were last put up for auction in 2018, bringing in $6.2 billion and drastically altering the playing field for teams. Because of this ruling, even mid-table teams now […]

Leagues: EPL

/ 241 days ago

Last chance to get Peacock for $20 for 12 months

Comcast recently sent out an e-mail informing their customers that they will no longer receive Peacock Premium for free. This will go into effect on Monday, June 26th. The cable giant previously included the streaming service alongside their normal plans. Nevertheless, Xfinity subscribers will now have to pay for Peacock Premium on their own. The […]

Euro 2024

/ 259 days ago

FOX and Fubo reveal Euro 2024 qualifier coverage plans

FOX Sports and Fubo have announced their broadcasting plans for the upcoming UEFA Euro 2024 qualifier games for June. The two networks will handle English language coverage of the tournament, from the qualifying stage to the final, here in the United States. The third and fourth rounds of the qualifying will take place in June. […]

FOX Sports

/ 260 days ago

Media giants battle for Women's World Cup 2027 US TV rights

This summer’s edition of the FIFA Women’s World Cup is the last in the current US TV rights deal. FOX Sports picked up the rights to the 2015 tournament, airing both that and 2019. There is growing speculation that the 2027 tournament will be in North America. That tournament will not be in a bundle […]


/ 264 days ago

ESPN standalone app could be $22 per month, suggests analyst

As ESPN seeks additional forms of revenue, the rumored standalone app that will stream the ESPN TV channel has a potential price. Disney CEO Bob Iger called the shift to streaming "inevitable," and the development of ESPN on streaming is a part of due course. Initially, this service, which is different than ESPN+, did not […]

Cord Cutting

/ 264 days ago

Americans are watching far less primetime network TV

Primetime network TV used to be the be-all and end-all of broadcasting relevance in the US. But Americans, especially younger viewers, have been watching less traditional TV for years. And the drop-off has only increased recently. Primetime is usually considered to be from 8:00-11:00 PM locally, and this includes many major sports events. Major soccer […]

NBC Sports

/ 297 days ago

Comcast loses 6800+ customers per day while Peacock grows

Comcast, the media conglomerate that oversees NBCUniversal and Peacock, lost a large number of customers in the first quarter of 2023. For reference, estimates place the number of subscribers getting rid of Comcast Xfinity cable at nearly 7,000 each day. Over the first quarter of 2023, which is 90 days from the beginning of January […]