Reports indicate that DAZN will most certainly participate in the next EPL TV rights auction, which might be rather competitive.

The domestic rights of the Premier League were last put up for auction in 2018, bringing in $6.2 billion and drastically altering the playing field for teams. Because of this ruling, even mid-table teams now have the financial resources to compete with the top clubs in the globe for the greatest players.

Even though bidding for the three-year cycle beginning in 2025 was pushed over in 2021 to lessen the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic, it will open again later this month. Although Amazon Prime may be dropping out of the race, DAZN is clearly joining the fray, the Daily Mail suggests.

DAZN EPL TV rights to have stiff competition

As the Premier League goes out to negotiate a new television agreement, which they hope will be as lucrative as the present one, this story promises to be an exciting one. To make ends meet, some fans are believed to have canceled their Amazon Prime and TNT Sports subscriptions.

Meanwhile, the league’s biggest TV partner, Sky Sports, has undergone a round of budget cuts. Apple was said to be considering a bid for UK PL rights back in March, but the company’s intentions remain unknown.

However, DAZN will definitely be competing for Premier League rights this time around. A representative assured that they will be participating in the bidding process, the report states.

More than 250 games will be broadcast starting from 2025

With a current valuation of $4.23 billion, the Premier competition is by and away the most lucrative soccer competition in the world. Sky, TNT Sports (previously BT), Amazon Prime, and the BBC for Match of the Day each contribute $2 billion annually, while all international broadcasters contribute an additional $2 billion annually.

Interested businesses will be requested to submit bids for four-year terms from 2025-2029 in a tender document for domestic broadcasters this month. Historically, broadcasting contracts have been for three years.

Currently, the proposal offers just 200 live games every season, but this number will increase to at least 250 and maybe 270.

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