Technical details of MLS Season Pass on Apple TV are starting to trickle in. Major League Soccer previously announced a 10-year deal with Apple to broadcast every match of the American/Canadian top flight. This deal will start later this month for the 2023 campaign.

One possibly disappointing aspect of the MLS Season Pass is the fact that there will be no 4K available. Games broadcasted on MLS Season Pass will only be streamed in 1080p. This, however, may not be a drastic deal.

1080p should be fine for MLS Season Pass if frame rate is high

Tech website Digital Trends recently discussed the differences between sporting events being broadcasted in 4K compared to 1080p. They claim that airing television shows or movies in 4K is significantly easier and cheaper than broadcasting live sports in this format.

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Essentially, the unpredictable nature of sporting events can cause issues in 4K. Because this format is four times the resolution of 1080p, there are more challenges than traditional HD. As Digital Trends puts it, “more pixels, more problems.”

However, not all 1080p is the same. Frame rate is a major factor in determining a quality stream. Assuming the MLS Season Pass streams hold decent frames per second, there should not be any real issue with the quality of the picture.

Sound quality, screen graphics also announced

Along with streaming in 1080p, MLS matches on Apple will include Dolby 5.1 audio. This is essentially surround sound, as the 5 in 5.1 stands for the amount of speakers needed for a home theater experience. Viewers will need the five-speaker setup to get full surround sound. Although, it is obviously not necessary to enjoy MLS.

Apple’s coverage on MLS Season Pass is set to feature new data and graphics throughout the season as well. These graphics will incorporate storylines, stats, and advanced data visualizations on the screen.

Production company IMG Productions will help deliver the content on MLS Season Pass to the viewers. “We are excited to be part of this transformative new partnership between MLS and Apple, and we look forward to bringing the highest level of innovation to their live coverage for fans globally,” said Barney Francis, IMG Productions’ executive vice president and head of global production.

“Being chosen for this large-scale production is a testament to our industry-leading experience, expertise, and excellence in producing live soccer matches for audiences around the world. It also marks an important milestone in the global expansion of IMG’s production business with the launch of our new base in North America.”

MLS Season Pass can be purchased on the Apple TV app for $14.99 per month. There is also an annual pass for $99 per season as well.


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