Apple has announced that they are officially launching a Multiview feature for MLS Season Pass. The streaming service previously tested the feature in a beta program in April 2023. While the news is certainly welcomed by sports fans, Multiview is only be available on the Apple TV 4K streaming device.

The Multiview feature allows viewers the ability to watch up to four games simultaneously. There is also an option to watch two games with a split-screen view. Major League Soccer can routinely have up to 14 matches being played at the same time on Saturday nights. This feature helps hardcore sports fans catch as much of the action as possible. ESPN+ and Fubo have also already introduced similar Multiview options as well.

Users can tailor Multiview to their needs

Apple’s Multiview is fully customizable by the consumer. This means that users can pick the exact four games to watch on their screen at once. Soccer fans can even choose the display and order of the matches as well. Audio preferences are also available in the feature. This can even include home radio feeds for MLS Season Pass.

Along with MLS, the Multiview feature includes Friday night Major League Baseball games. Select MLB and MLS live shows can also be added to the Multiview.

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Users must have an Apple TV 4K device

The Multiview feature can only, however, be accessible on the Apple TV 4K device. This is the company’s own streaming service gadget currently available for around $129. The device puts Apple TV+, Apple Music, Apple Fitness+, and Apple Arcade all in one 4K package.

MLS Season Pass is available for either $12.99 or $14.99 per month, depending on if the user has Apple TV+. However, the company is promoting a one-month free trial of MLS Season Pass during their launch of Multiview. Friday Night Baseball is included in the monthly $6.99 fee for Apple TV+.

Photo: Apple / MLS

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