When the 2024 Major League Soccer season starts in full on Saturday, February 24, whiparound show MLS 360 will return as a focal point. Apple is entering the second year of its deal to be the global streaming platform for Major League Soccer. MLS 360, which covers each game live as it happens during simultaneous kickoffs, is crucial to the platform’s success.

In year one, it was a revolutionary tool that allowed fans to see league-wide action as it happened. It ensured fans could watch MLS even if their favorite team were not on. There were certain hiccups and hurdles, as can be expected with anything in its first year. Therefore, Apple is committed to building on MLS 360 to cater to what fans want, and that is more game action.

Speaking on Alexi Lalas’ podcast, the State of the Union, MLS analyst Taylor Twellman spoke about the prospect of MLS 360 in 2024. He said the program will differ from last year when it had more dialogue between the host and the other analysts. Instead, it will focus heavily on game action. That way, fans can see the goals, saves and other highlights from around the grounds in Major League Soccer live.

“You’re going to see a lot more game action during MLS 360 than what we saw last season,” Twellman said. “I think there’s going to be a real understanding within the production crew that they want to make it a lot like the [NFL] RedZone and a lot like the whip-around where you’re getting the in-the-stadium feel, and the announcers at the game. I like the concept, I think the idea works.”

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How MLS 360 will change in 2024

Twellman addressed the NFL RedZone program, which has become the standard for whiparound shows in sports. There are inherent challenges with soccer in a free-flowing game compared to a stop-and-go NFL game. Still, the potential is there.

Apple can take some of the success of NFL RedZone and apply it to MLS 360. At times, NFL RedZone host Scott Hanson will not say anything. He may give a slight preview of what the viewer is about to see to set the scene. After that, it is up to the commentators at the different games to cover moments as they happen.

In the first edition of MLS 360, viewers felt separate from the venues. Taylor Twellman says the new format for MLS 360 will work to capture the emotion at different stadiums.

“I think it’s important that you go to the stadiums and sell the ambiance and the atmospheres and the crowds in the cities that we’ve all grown to love and seen as this league has grown. You got to get more of that throughout the broadcast in 360, and I think you’re going to get that this year.”

Major League Soccer season starts this weekend

The first look at the changes to MLS 360 is available to MLS Season Pass subscribers during the first batch of simultaneous kickoffs. Inter Miami kicks off the season midweek against Real Salt Lake. Yet, that is the only game on Wednesday. On Saturday, there are 11 games on Saturday, Feb. 24. That will have MLS 360 at fans’ disposal.

Get MLS 360 with a subscription to MLS Season Pass.

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