MLS Season Pass is available for free. You just have to look in the right spot. The options for payment may scare some people from watching the streaming home of Major League Soccer. With a base monthly fee of $14.99, MLS Season Pass is more expensive than the likes of Paramount+, ESPN+ or Peacock. Each of those provides access to multiple competitions, while MLS Season Pass is, by nature, specific to the American top flight.

Of course, the coverage of MLS Season Pass is phenomenal. There are studio shows, a variety of live broadcast options that include multiple languages and a whiparound show for the Saturday slate of games when almost every team plays. It is expansive. But, it may be too expensive for the more casual fans of Major League Soccer.

So, getting the platform for free can be pivotal to both get a glimpse of what Apple is providing in this record-breaking deal and to see some soccer.

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There are several ways to get at least temporary access to MLS Season Pass before you start shelling out the cash. Here are a few examples.

Unlock MLS Season Pass for free

LG Smart TV users

If you have an LG Smart TV, you can unlock two months of MLS Season Pass for free without doing anything. Any smart TV made between 2016 and 2023 fits the bill to get MLS Season Pass for free for two months. This offer does run out on July 27. As a result, it does not see through the end of the MLS campaign, even if you take advantage in late July.

LG TV users must ‘subscribe’ on the TV, including payment information. However, the two-month complimentary period will be in effect. After that, the base fee of $14.99 per month kicks in. However, if you are not satisfied, be sure to cancel the subscription before it charges you. Note, it’s only available if you’re in North America or Latin America.

Free trial on Apple TV

Apple TV is also trying to build its subscriber base. One of the ways it is doing that is with a simple trial period. Up until October 31, fans can get one month of MLS Season Pass for free via Apple TV. Using the link to the Apple website, you can subscribe. Again, this does require you to put in payment information. At the end of your one-month trial, the subscription renews for $14.99 per month.

MLS Season Ticket holders

One of the most interesting ways to get a MLS Season Pass account at no charge is to be a season ticket holder of an MLS club. It’s great value to go watch your club in person, then watch every single other game at no extra charge on your device.

Chances are, MLS and Apple will bring this back for the 2024 season. Fans across the country used this offer ahead of the first season between Apple and MLS. For example, the Seattle Sounders said it was a success at that club.

Further discounts

There are other ways to get MLS Season Pass for free. For example, T-Mobile subscribers can take advantage to get an entire season’s worth of content. T-Mobile Tuesdays, an app that provides free promotions to subscribers, provides MLS Season Pass for free, so check that app often for the latest deals.

If you’re not a T-Mobile customer, you can still jump on considerable discounts for the remainder of the 2023 season. One of those is through Best Buy. There, you can get Apple TV+ for free for three months. While Apple TV+ does not allow access to live broadcasts of MLS games, it does make it significantly cheaper. You can buy the annual option while using the free three months of Apple TV+. There, it is just $79. Compare that to just using the regular monthly plan, and you save over $70 for an entire season. Granted, the season is more than halfway over. But, savings are savings.

Finally, Apple and MLS announced a midseason rate. Fans can subscribe to the remainder of the calendar year for a one-time payment of $49.99. This is half of the regular annual option. Of course, you are getting only half of the games of the full annual option. Still, it is cheaper than the monthly option and far cheaper than just buying the regular annual option.

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