This episode of the World Soccer Talk Podcast, entitled MLS: When Hype Doesn’t Match Reality, is presented by Sling.

We cover a range of topics including the Bundesliga title race, Premier League relegation battle, manager merry-go-round across Europe and other subjects. But you, the listeners, keep on pulling us back in to talk about MLS Season Pass and Major League Soccer, as a whole. We’ve received an avalanche of feedback about MLS Season Pass, which we share on the show. That has brought up topics such as what the long-term goal is for Major League Soccer after it finishes expanding the league, and whether the league needs to be more realistic about its place in the soccer (and sports) landscape.

Other topics discussed on the podcast include Leicester City’s decline, what we like about MLS 360, whether the Bundesliga may become more popular on ESPN+ if Borussia Dortmund wins the title, plus other topics. That includes the viewing number for MLS 360’s debut on YouTube this past weekend, and what the numbers means for those who are interested.

This episode is in memory of Kartik Krishnaiyer’s late father, who sadly passed away on Friday, May 19th. RIP.

MLS: Hype vs reality

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