Wrexham A.F.C. co-owner Rob McElhenney recently went on a podcast to talk about all things soccer. Matthew Belloni, host of a popular podcast called The Town with Matthew Belloni, spoke with the actor for around 30 minutes.

Among the topics they discussed, McElhenney claimed he wants the Welsh club to become ‘America’s team.’

“One of my intensions is to make Wrexham ‘America’s team.’ I don’t know why we couldn’t do that,” stated the actor and co-owner of the club. “I know that there’s a massive support for a lot of Premier League clubs here in the U.S., but a lot of people have second teams anyway. Why not make Wrexham America’s team?”

McElhenney stated that this could be possible because of a connection to the actual city. “I think a lot of Americans can identify with the people of Wrexham,” he continued. “It’s a working class town who’s seen better days. And they love what they love.”

Actor wants more than Wrexham being America’s team

Also, the two discussed reasons of why the sport wasn’t as popular here Stateside. Both agreed that Americans are taught to like the relief from the tension throughout games. Commercial breaks fill other sports here. The actor answered the question of how to make it more popular on U.S. television.

“Well number one: We just need to be better,” proclaimed McElhenney. “I mean, imagine Tyreek Hill playing wingback. Imagine Lebron James in goal. There’s nobody that would be able to stop the U.S. if we put our best athletes into those programs. And maybe that’ll happen more and more.”

“I mean I wonder what’s going to happen to the next few generations of American football as more and more data is coming out about concussions and head injuries,” the actor continued. And how many parents are going to be less willing to put their children into that particular sport.”

Duo have been smash hit since buying club

McElhenney, and fellow actor Ryan Reynolds, completed the purchase of Wrexham in February of 2021. In their first season, the club finished second in the standings but eventually lost a playoff semifinal matchup with Grimsby Town. The Welsh club is currently sitting second in the league table at the moment as well.