For more than two decades, we have seen many European clubs and foreign national teams visit the United States to play in international soccer competitions.

In 14 out of its 16 iterations, CONCACAF has staged its Gold Cup tournament in the United States. Even then, we mustn’t forget the United States hosted the 1994 World Cup and 2016 Copa América Centenario. The latter celebrated the tournament’s 100-year anniversary.

But now, over the next several summers, the United States of America has an abundance of riches where the country is hosting multiple top soccer competitions.

United States hosting major soccer competitions again

How many of our summers are going to be filled with international soccer tournaments over the next half decade? Consider this following timeline:

It’s clear that the United States is the number one destination worldwide for many of the best, and biggest, tournaments.

FIFA and the other organizing bodies have recognized the enormous opportunities to generate revenue here in the US. Interest in soccer continues to grow, and the sport will undoubtedly reach a crescendo in 2026.

Games that carry a purpose

NFL Stadiums will be used in some of our cities including Baltimore, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, New York/New Jersey and more. 

The USA will be the summer soccer destination for at least three CONCACAF Gold Cups. Beyond that, though, the US has the opportunity to face tougher opposition if it qualifies for Copa América 2024, as well as co-hosting World Cup 2026.

Stepping outside the comfort zone of only playing CONCACAF teams is imperative for the US men’s team. It’ll also help improve the quality level throughout the CONCACAF region.

PHOTO: IMAGO / Icon Sportswire