Castore, the producer of the 2023/24 Aston Villa wet-look shirts, plan to provide the club with numerous options to address the problem.

Although the issue is most apparent on Aston Villa‘s home jerseys, which get noticeably darker throughout games, players have complained that the white away kit is just as bad.

Due to its inability to wick away moisture, the shirt has grown noticeably damp and heavy for players to wear during games.

The two-year mark has passed on what was originally billed as a multi-year contract between Villa and British sportswear brand Castore.

It now seems that this development will have a significant impact on the current agreement. Recent reports have indicated that the Premier League side are searching for a new manufacturer.

Castore identify Aston Villa jersey issue

Meanwhile, Castore reportedly have the root of the issue nailed down, via The Telegraph. The kit manufacturers have also supplied not one, but two solutions to the issue.

According to those familiar with the matter, the problem originated not with the material but with the shirt’s sponsor logo. Thus, Castore have volunteered to re-ship a batch of jerseys that have been modified slightly to address the problem.

It is also possible to recall the current batch and make the necessary adjustments to those kits. Footy Headlines, on the other hand, think the problem lies in the body’s construction.

What would Aston Villa choose?

Castore and Villa haven’t made up their minds. However, it seems probable that they’ll choose the minor tweaks rather than buying new kits.

There is no estimated completion date, but the problem’s root has been located, so fixing it shouldn’t take too long.

Because of the issue that has left players frustrated, the two parties have allegedly been discussing terminating their deal early. It’s been stated that other kit makers had the same problem but were able to find a solution quickly,

Photo credit: IMAGO / News Images