Aston Villa is exploring short-term alternatives to current jersey provider Castore to end its agreement with the latter. The men’s and women’s teams voiced displeasure with the jerseys. The men’s squad attributes the kits to some early-season struggles.

Villa’s male players expressed dissatisfaction after having worn the shirts in 10 matches throughout the current season. That includes games in the Premier League, Europa Conference League and EFL Cup. The women’s team had similar problems when wearing them throughout their preseason schedule.

This season, Castore supplied faulty uniforms. The kits fade quickly and stick to players throughout games because of moisture. The ‘wet look’ is the result of sweat building up during games. The kit does not allow for adequate airflow.

There have been discussions about ending the club’s multi-year deal with the kit supplier. Meanwhile, talks continue to establish a solution ready as soon as possible, per The Telegraph.

Castore responds to Aston Villa complaints

In the meantime, the British manufacturer claims to have been made aware of the concerns coming from Villa Park and has pledged to take immediate action to address them.

“There has been some media speculation about a potential issue in the football kit supplied by Castore to Aston Villa Football Club. We are working closely in collaboration with the club to address this issue as quickly as possible to meet the standards we expect. We would like to thank the club for their patience and support to date.

“As a proud new British brand, we always hold ourselves to the highest of standards and strive to do everything we can to constantly improve the performance of our products. This means addressing any customer concerns with promptness and humility,” a spokesperson for Castore stated.

No other team with same issue

Castore also produces the jerseys worn by Newcastle and Wolves. Neither team seems to have felt this problem as of yet. Following the activation of an escape provision in their contract with the manufacturer, Newcastle will begin playing their home games for Adidas next season.

Villa may consider doing the same thing.

PHOTO: IMAGO / PRiME Media Images