The 3-0 triumph against Lazio is only the latest proof of Bavarian giants Bayern Munich’s dominance in European soccer; they will now play in the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League.

Going into this match, neither club was in good shape. However, after falling to a Ciro Immobile penalty in the first leg, the burden of expectation was squarely on the Bundesliga winners.

With a 1-0 deficit, Bayern found themselves in a precarious position in the second match. The stakes were quite high, and the tension was noticeable. That’s where Thomas Tuchel, a manager renowned for his emotional sensitivity and tactical prowess, stepped in.

It is quite probable that the 50-year-old would not still be in his job today if he had been eliminated from the UEFA Champions League last 16. This is likely the reason for Tuchel’s act of going a little bit too far.

The German gave an inspiring pregame speech to motivate his team. But in his ardor, he misjudged the method of kicking a door, breaking his toe in the process. The team used this tragedy as a catalyst for growth rather than a setback. The passion and determination of Tuchel, which resulted in his injuries, highlighted the seriousness of the clash.

Thomas Tuchel breaks toe after rousing speech

As the contest ended, Tuchel was seen hobbling, making his way down the stairs and past the media area.

“It hurts, it’s painful. My last speech before we went out before the match, I kicked a door and it was the wrong technique, so it feels like I broke it,” he told CBS Sports.

All game long, Tuchel sat on the bench: “They [the players] must have wondered why I was sitting down for the entire 90 minutes.”

The former Chelsea boss did have a fractured toe, according to Bayern CEO Jan-Christian Dreesen. “Thomas Tuchel broke his toe today during the pre-match speech – Thomas is on board with full enthusiasm and passion,” he said.

Tuchel’s effect on the match

The aftermath of Tuchel’s passionate speech and injury did have a positive impact in the end. It was a game-changer for Bayern’s players right away. As soon as they stepped foot on the pitch, the squad played with passion and determination.

With two vital goals from England captain Harry Kane and another from Thomas Muller, the match ended in a 3-0 victory for the home side. This triumph was a tribute to Bayern’s off-field motivating tactics as much as their on-field skill.

Their success was a reflection of the coach’s ability to motivate his team in unique ways. The victory was a morale boost for Bayern, who will now face tough tests at home and on the continent. It also kept their European aspirations alive.

Now that Tuchel is leaving at the end of the season and Bayer Leverkusen are 10 points ahead of them in the Bundesliga, the German team is facing an uphill battle to win the Champions League.