A new book surrounding Lionel Messi’s move to Major League Soccer is now officially in the works. The Argentina international shocked many around the world when he joined Inter Miami in the summer. Paul Tenorio, a soccer writer for The Athletic, is authoring the upcoming book entitled The Messi Effect.

According to the publisher, the upcoming book is set to be a “behind-the-scenes story of international soccer great Lionel Messi’s arrival in America to play out the last act of his legendary career, at once an examination of the GOAT’s brilliant game, career, and legacy but also an insider view of the $150 million shock deal involving MLS, Apple, and Messi himself aimed at elevating the game in the U.S. to never-before-seen heights.”

Miami could not qualify for the MLS playoffs after cup run

No doubt, Lionel Messi joining Inter Miami has had an effect on soccer in the United States. During July and August, his goals for Inter Miami made the Leagues Cup a must-see during the summer months. Prior to the Argentine’s arrival, the competition received significantly less fanfare.

But outside of those exciting games, what has his impact been? Miami missed the playoffs after finishing 14th out of 15 Eastern Conference clubs. The team previously sat bottom of the standings when Messi initially arrived to the team. Record sales for tickets and shirts have been achieved though, as well as increased publicity about anything and everything Messi does. But what else?

Apple TV+’s docuseries Messi Meets America has been a flop and was panned by critics. In the meantime, paid subscription numbers for MLS Season Pass, the streaming service for games, have still not been revealed. It is typically not a good sign when networks or streaming services hold on to viewership statistics.

2024 MLS season to be crucial to superstar’s US success

Nevertheless, many soccer fans around the United States will be interested in the upcoming story. After all, Messi is a beloved sports figure here Stateside, as well as around the globe. The book is also currently being written and there is no specific timetable for its release just yet. This means that Messi’s impact in the early stages of the 2024 season may very well affect interest in the book as well.

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There are, however, concerns that The Messi Effect may be influenced by both Major League Soccer and Apple. The duo has been known to get carried away with promotion. Nevertheless, Tenorio is a seasoned writer who will hopefully objectively write a realistic analysis of Messi’s effect here in the United States.

Tenorio’s book will face competition from Messi: The Definitive Biography written by Guillem Balague. The BBC Sport reporter broke the news about Messi joining Inter Miami earlier in the summer. Balague’s book was only just released back in March, prior to Messi’s move to Miami.

Balague is one of the speakers at Soccerex Miami on Wednesday, November 15 where World Soccer Talk’s Kartik Krishnaiyer is the moderator. Balague’s updated edition of the Messi biography is due out in the next few months.

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