A recent study indicates the majority of leagues across the globe favor televised discussions between referees and the VAR booth. PGMOL, the referee body of the EFL, wants to make the game more open. Therefore, it is plotting to provide more consistent glimpses into these conversations throughout the next season.

In reality, there has been a persistent request for increased openness about the decision-making process. Just this season, fans of the Premier League got to listen in on these conversations for the first time. PGMOL chief executive Howard Webb broke down what referees go through in tough decisions.

The World Leagues Forum, managed by Premier League chief executive Richard Masters, surveyed 42 leagues, including the Premier League. While the majority of the leagues surveyed backed the move toward VAR, the English top division has remained silent on the matter.

30 of 41 leagues like the idea of televised VAR discussions

The study indicated 30 of the 41 leagues favored having the referee or fourth official orally relay final judgments. That way, spectators both at the stadium and at home can have a clear understanding of what is happening. This is similar to what most American sports do when referees announce a penalty to provide clarification.

Previous iterations

The International Football Association Board has not yet approved using the live two-way audio stream during a game. As stated, PGMOL chairman Howard Webb discussed various situations from the season. Yet, that was well after the games happened. By that time, most fans already understood what had happened, and it was in the past. Still, it is a step in the right direction for more clarity from officials for fans.

A similar approach was initially used during this year’s FIFA Club World Cup in Morocco, and it is presently being tested by FIFA, the sport’s international governing body. Decisions may now be visibly conveyed through large displays set up inside such events.