Strasbourg fans have already voiced their discontent with Chelsea owner Todd Boehly. The American consortium only took over the French side a mere four months ago.

The American has had mixed results with the Blues since purchasing the club. Chelsea had its worst season in recent memory during his first year in charge. Consequently, the 50-year-old businessman took heat for the way he is attempting to revamp the club. His tactic is to sign young players that can develop.

In France, Todd Boehly has made several deals during the summer that have not gone down well. Anger is rising among Strasbourg supporters after their team was reportedly exploited as a ‘training center’ by Chelsea.

RC Strasbourg has been criticized for allegedly becoming little more than a ‘feeder’ squad for the American’s Premier League club.

Strasbourg supporters do not like Boehly plans

Just three months after taking over as president, Todd Boehly earned jeering from the supporters in Strasbourg. A group of die-hard fans sent a letter to club president Marc Keller criticizing the team’s new owners.

In an open letter, the Federation Supporters RCS says: “Following BlueCo’s purchase, the 2023 summer transfer window is our first element of analysis and our first major worry.

“The exclusive recruitment of very young players – not yet operational and potentially weakened by their over-exposition, combined with the absence of arrivals of more mature players, exposes the club to a sporting risk from which the owners should have better protected us. BlueCo’s imposition of an obligation to buy only very young hopefuls is senseless on a sporting level and the fans don’t relate to their team at the moment.

“The supporters that maintained that, since the purchase of Racing, we are only a training center and a secondary piece in a global business, have gained credit following this transfer window, which seems far from the announced ambition.”

Scathing attack on Chelsea’s management follows

The French supporters also take aim at Chelsea’s expenditures and management.

“Money without competence doesn’t lead to anything good, and the example of Chelsea, our so-called ‘big brother’, who have spent a lot of money but have had a vertical fall down the English hierarchy, is an important reference point: We don’t want to incompetence that reigns at Chelsea at RCSA. Neither directly, nor indirectly.

“Beyond the Strasbourg case, we wish to also remind you that multi-club ownership is a danger to football. The pyramid system that this system is slowly locking into place, and even more strongly than was already the case, risks reducing the majority of clubs to a simple objective of developing young players and helping the few clubs at the top of the pyramid in order to yield a profit for their business. Clearly, it is a very worrying perspective.”

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