The turnover in the Spain soccer ranks continues as the Federation sacked women’s head coach Jorge Vilda just two weeks after winning the World Cup. Vilda faced heavy controversy over the last year for the treatment of women’s players. That behavior came from both the head coach and the Federation’s executives, including Luis Rubiales. The Spanish Soccer Federation appointed Montserrat Tome as the new head coach. Tome, also known as Montse, is the side’s first-ever woman head coach.

Entering the World Cup, Vilda was the focus of heavy controversy. Fifteen players sent letters to the Federation asking for his resignation and change in the Spanish soccer ranks. The accused RFEF of bringing on mental health issues. However, that September 2022 request, met refusal from the Federation’s President. Then-President Ana Alvarez said there was no evidence of sexual or verbal abuse.

However, the events celebrating the 2023 Women’s World Cup brought those allegations to international light. Video showed Federation President Luis Rubiales kissing Spain’s women’s team as they accepted their winners’ medals. Rubiales was ousted by the Federation while he was under investigation. On Tuesday, the RFEF issued an apology to the world for Rubiales’ actions.

The Spanish FA released a statement saying Vilda helped grow women’s soccer in the country.

First woman coach for Spain replaces Vilda

Vilda’s successor, Montserrat Tome, spent five years as an assistant in the Spain women’s squad. Before that, she had a career as a midfielder for several Spanish clubs. That included a three-year stint at Barcelona from 2010 to 2012. She is the first female head coach in the history of the Spanish women’s national team.

There was an expectation and active search for the next head coach to be a woman. The players of the Spanish side that just won the World Cup wanted a woman.