Even though Barcelona constantly faces doubt, there are a few things that can be predicted with some precision.

Barca will lose Xavi Hernandez after the season. The 44-year-old has already said that his exit is imminent in the summer. Numerous consequences for the club’s future are certain to result from this.

Therefore, Barcelona‘s captain Sergi Roberto, is one player whose life will be most turned upside down by the current situation. It is now widely believed that the Spaniard will leave the club this summer, much like his boss.

Although he extended his contract by one year last season, the versatile midfielder will be free to leave Camp Nou in the summer. Xavi had previously specifically requested that they hang on to Roberto.

Unfortunately, the coach’s departure spells the end for the player who assumed the captaincy this year. This season, Roberto has shown himself to be an invaluable asset to the team.

However, his injury issues have limited his playing time. They add to the list of reasons the veteran isn’t worth the club’s time for another season.

What did Sergi Roberto previously say about MLS move?

Given the Blaugrana’s current alternatives in central midfield, it is difficult to predict if the 32-year-old will remain in Catalonia. According to Relevo, Deco will inform the player in the next few days that Barcelona will not give him a contract renewal.

The midfielder has downplayed previous exit rumors. In December, he claimed to have Xavi’s unequivocal support.

According to recent sources, Roberto’s best bet would be to join the Major League Soccer. This summer, the captain’s bucket list item—to play in the US before retiring—may come true. He has already expressed his desire to do so.

“Yes, I’ve always said that I’d like to go play in the US, but I think I’m two or three years away. I plan it for when I’m 33 or 34,” he told La Vanguardia in December 2022.

“I don’t know what Leo [Messi] or Sergio [Busquets] will do but now there are many players who would like to go to the US and it’s not because of the economic issue because there are also salary caps there. It is about living the experience. The 2026 World Cup will also further enhance that league.”

Several obstacles in the way

The likes of Jordi Alba, Sergio Busquets, Luis Suarez, Riqui Puig, and Lionel Messi have all made the move to Major League Soccer. Thus, Roberto might be the next sensation to leave Barcelona for the US.

What the Spaniard will do next is an intriguing mystery. Inter Miami is one of the American clubs mentioned. On the other hand, the 32-year-old had previously shown little enthusiasm for reuniting with Lionel Messi.

Last year, the Herons were unable to secure a spot in the championship playoffs. So, they want to keep adding to the squad’s strength. There is one more issue with Miami’s offer that could make it seem like it will never happen.

Messi, Busquets, and Alba are the three most expensive MLS acquisitions already, and they are all part of the Miami team. Consequently, Sergi Roberto may not find the terms offered enticing enough to move to Florida.