Wrexham co-owners Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds were in the stands to watch their team play Notts County on Monday. The game had anticipation as the biggest National League fixture of all time. After all, the two clubs entered the match both on 100 points, far exceeding any other team in the fifth-tiered division. As incredible as the build-up was, the game did not disappoint.

Welsh side Wrexham won the match 3-2, thanks to a late penalty save by Ben Foster. The goalkeeper only just joined the team a few weeks prior. The victory puts a three-point gap between the two teams and inches Wrexham closer to promotion.

Only birth of children better than victory, says actor

Following the tense matchup, Reynolds was asked if he’s ever experienced something as dramatic before. “Excluding the birth of my children, I’m not sure I have,” replied the Hollywood actor. “This is the most romantic game on earth. It was one of the most unique situations. My voice is shot from screaming.”

“I’m used to working under extreme pressure, but usually I have some kind of say and control in it; here I had nothing so all I could do was watch and hope like everyone else.”

Reynolds mostly attributed this quality of drama and emotion to the promotion and relegation system. The National League, many like other European leagues, feature a promotion and relegation process. This is unlike the current setup of Major League Soccer here in the United States.

Reynolds gushes over promotion and relegation system

“Everything about the sport and the way the sport is handled here, the pyramid system, relegation and promotion, creates stakes like nothing else,” proclaimed Reynolds.

“This was a game people will talk about for ages and the attention coming on the National League is special, but worthy of this town and of Notts County. What both sides have achieved is historic. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it.”

Along with the points advantage, Wrexham also have a match in hand over Notts County. The Welsh side have just four fixtures remaining on their schedule as they hunt promotion to League Two. Topping the division automatically secures promotion. However, teams finishing second through seventh must attempt qualification to League Two through playoffs.