Manchester City has finally learned when they will officially stand trial for their record financial charges from the Premier League. Mail Sport claims that the reigning European champions are set to face an independent panel in late fall of 2024. The exact date for the trial is not yet known. According to the news outlet, Premier League officials and club brass have both declined comment on the matter.

The English top flight previously announced back in February that City broke Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules 115 total times. A five-year investigation unveiled those breaches that occurred during a timeframe from 2009 to 2018. Premier League execs claimed that the club failed to provide an accurate account of their financial situation and did not disclose contracts to certain coaches and players. On top of these issues, City also opted not to assist with the investigation.

City manager open to remaining with club even if they are kicked out of league

Although the trial is not currently penciled in until late 2024, the final verdict will likely take even more time. City may not know the outcome of the hearing until early summer of 2025. This would be at the end of the 2024/25 campaign. Interestingly enough, City’s manager Pep Guardiola’s current contract is set to expire around the same time.

Assuming the club is found guilty and given a stern punishment, Guardiola could easily depart Manchester for greener pastures. However, the manager recently claimed that he would have the energy to remain with the club even if they were dropped completely out of the Premier League.

“Absolutely, I will not consider my future (if) it depends being here or being in League One,” stated Guardiola. “There is more chance to stay if we are in League One than if we were in the Champions League.”

Pep Guardiola has not been shy about the fact that he would stay with Manchester City even if it means multi-division relegation.

“I have energy, I’m okay,” the coach continued. “I’m not going to answer. One year and a half is a lot of time in football. I arrived here with long hair and look what happened – eight years ago. I would have loved the team that won 100 points to stay eternally.”

“All the clubs happen, time runs. When one player arrived, accept that position and then don’t in two or three years. Players come from behind and push and after drop a little bit and sometimes players stay, sometimes they move. Even for myself. It’s normal for everyone. But of course we have players and it’s fresh to listen to new things. But I can stay, I can leave.”

Everton already learned fate despite being charged after City

The delay of City’s trial is undoubtedly frustrating for many soccer fans. This is particularly the case with those involved with Everton. The fellow Premier League side was hit with an FFP violation in March, one month after City was also charged. Nevertheless, the Toffees already endured their face-off with the independent panel in mid-November.

The commission agreed with the Premier League and the Merseyside club was docked 10 points for the lone violation. Everton only faced one charge in the case. The Toffees posted losses of about $154 million during this three-year stretch. Premier League rules, however, state that teams cannot lose over $130 million during this time.

While the City situation drags on, the case is much more complex compared to the single Everton charge. It certainly seems as if there is much more information to go through in City’s trial. Even so, the remaining English top-flight teams will be looking forward to seeing what happens with the recent title winners.