The English Premier League has once again dominated a list of highest generating revenue clubs in the world, this time cracking heavily into the Deloitte Money League.

Last year, Forbes compiled their list of the most valuable soccer teams. Of the 20 teams named, 11 of the clubs were from England’s top flight.

Manchester City has topped the company’s list as the world’s highest-earning club. It is a repeat atop the rankings for the Citizens, as they were also out in front last year as well.

City, Real Madrid, Liverpool top list

Deloitte claims that City generated a total revenue of just over $788 million during the 2021-22 season. This narrowly edged out Real Madrid ($770 million) and Liverpool ($757 million) during this timeframe.

In all, six Premier League clubs made up the top 10 teams on the list. Also, 16 English sides were included in the 30-team list. Everton, Southampton, and West Ham, three teams currently in the relegation zone of the top flight, were all included in Deloitte’s top 30 report.

Premier League stands alone on Deloitte money list

“The Premier League was the only one of the Big Five European leagues to experience an increase in its media rights value during its most recent rights sale process,” said Deloitte’s Sports Business Group partner Tim Bridge.

“It continues to appeal to millions of global followers and its member clubs have a greater revenue advantage over international rivals.”

While having 16 clubs in the top 30 of revenue is impressive, the company claims that Premier League’s influence will only increase. “The Premier League’s financial superiority is unlikely to be challenged in the coming seasons,” said Deloitte’s Sam Boor. “It’s now likely a case of not if, but when, all 20 Premier League clubs will appear in the Money League top 30.”

Deloitte’s top 10 Football Money League rankings:

  1. Manchester City ($788 million)
  2. Real Madrid ($770 million)
  3. Liverpool ($757 million)
  4. Manchester United ($743 million)
  5. Paris Saint-Germain ($706 million)
  6. Bayern Munich ($705 million)
  7. Barcelona ($688 million)
  8. Chelsea ($613 million)
  9. Tottenham Hotspur ($564 million)
  10. Arsenal ($467 million)

PHOTO: IMAGO / Pro Sports Images