UEFA has been working on plans to launch a new Super League. The organization vehemently denied these claims.

Daily Spanish paper El Pais reported that preparations are underway for a new European Super League. This competition has a possible debut in 2027. A European Cup campaign would have three competitions—the Super League, the Europa League, and the Candidates League—was said to be proposed.

Teams in these tiers would battle it out for the right to move up or down a level, exactly as they would in the domestic leagues. The article also said that weekend games were part of the schedule.

With approval, the new tournament structure will remain out of use for at least the next four years. Overall, this proposal would undoubtedly have devastating effects on national leagues if ever implemented.

UEFA makes official comment on news

Now, UEFA dismissed rumors that a ‘revamped’ tournament is in the works. In light of the news, they issued an official statement, via Manchester Evening News.

“UEFA is not working on any such new project. UEFA’s opposition towards any kind of a so-called Super League is well documented and rumours suggesting anything different are entirely baseless.

“We are looking forward to the introduction of the new club competition format as of 2024, which retains the principle that domestic performance is the key to qualification and will allow fans to see even more top European matches, a better competitive balance, and an open competition where every game counts.”

Original Super League plans resulted in new UCL format

UEFA and its head, Aleksander Ceferin, adamantly opposed the idea of a sovereign European Super League in 2021. A combination of backlash from Premier League clubs’ fans and threats from ex-UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson led to its swift demise.

Ultimately, the proposed European Super League resulted in revisions to the UEFA Champions League‘s structure for the next season. Starting in fall 2024, a total of 36 teams will compete in the most prestigious European tournament. Each team is playing at least eight games.

Following this, the final rankings determine the teams to advance. Teams finishing in the top eight will go straight to the Quarterfinals. Meanwhile, those finishing ninth through 24 will have to play off for the remaining eight spots.