Construction on a theme park in the United Arab Emirates revolving around Spanish soccer club Real Madrid is making significant progress. Plans for the entertainment venue have been in the works for over a decade now. The project, however, previously hit several snags over the years due to financing issues. Nevertheless, the massive Real-themed park is now scheduled to officially open in 2025.

The Spanish club is working with Dubai Park and Resorts to help erect the park predictably named Real Madrid World. Set near the cityscape of Dubai, the massive resort is currently the home of several amusement parks. This includes areas such as Legoland and Motiongate Dubai.

Bollywood Park was also previously included in the resort but was shut down in 2023. Upon closing, local officials quickly announced that Real Madrid World would be built in Bollywood Park’s place. The move has helped push construction along, as serious infrastructure already existed in the area.

Massive theme park to have 15 different attractions in three distinct areas

According to a report by Marca, Real Madrid World will contain over a dozen different themed attractions inside the park. This includes rollercoasters, rides, restaurants, and even a training pitch. These attractions will be split up into three separate distinctive areas.

The Avenue of Champions will serve as a mock miniature city of Madrid. Guests are set to be able to experience the Spanish city as closely as possible in the Middle Eastern country. The architecture will mimic Madrid and the club’s Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. Multiple attractions will fill the area, as well as a large restaurant called Hala Madrid.

The Plaza de las Celebraciones is the main part of the park. There will be five attractions in this area. Along with specific rides, the area will highlight historic victories, including major comebacks, of the Spanish soccer club.

Last but not least, The Universe of the Stars will have the most total activities of the three areas. This part of the park will have eight total attractions focusing on virtual reality and technology. Spotlighting star players and winning culture, this particular area also includes entertainment involving Real’s basketball team. In total, the completed park plans to accommodate up to 15,000 people per day.

Real president has plans to build a similar park in Madrid

Building a theme park dedicated to one specific sports team is highly unusual. However, if any club can do it, it is Real Madrid. The Spanish side regularly ranks as the most popular soccer team in the world by various publications. This is likely directly due to their success throughout their history. No other team has collected more LaLiga and UEFA Champions League titles than Los Blancos.

The resort in Dubai also may not be the only park of its kind. Real president Florentino Pérez plans to build a similar park inside the city of Madrid as well. Designers already picked a suitable location. Still, there is no timetable for the park in place.

PHOTOS: Marca.