The mother of Spanish Soccer, or RFEF, President Luis Rubiales has taken a bizarre stance as her method to protest the treatment of her son. Over the weekend, FIFA suspended Rubiales in connection with his treatment of the Spanish women’s soccer team after it won the World Cup. Rubiales kissed Jenni Hermoso and later said he would marry her on a paid trip to Ibiza. In response to the criticism, Rubiales said he will not step down from his post.

His mother has been equally steadfast in defense of her son. Angeles Bejar locked herself in Divina Pastora, a church in Motril on the southern coast of Spain. Rubiales’ mother also started a hunger strike demanding justice for her son. She has taken a grievance with his treatment, and she demands Jenni Hermoso tell the truth. In other words, she wants the Spanish soccer star to ‘stick to the version she gave at the beginning,’ according to EFE, a Spanish news agency.

Bejar has said her protest will last until it finds a solution that favors Rubiales. She said this ‘hunt’ against her son has to stop.

Her protest will last “until a solution is found to the inhumane and bloody hunt they are carrying out against my son with something he does not deserve,” according to EFE.

Mother of Rubiales sums up RFEF catastrophe after WWC

Bejar’s situation adds another layer to what has been a tumultuous several days for the Spanish Soccer Federation. Rubiales issued a dramatic speech where he said he will not step down from his post. However, the entire coaching staff on Spain’s women’s team except for Jorge Vilda is resigning from the side.

The Spanish FA’s interim president, Pedro Rocha, called an ‘extraordinary and urgent’ meeting. There, executives in the RFEF can go over the situation and find possible solutions. In terms of the investigation into Rubiales, RFEF said he will be able to lawfully defend himself to prove his complete innocence. The main victim of the situation, Jenni Hermoso, said she felt vulnerable because of Rubiales’ actions.

The Spanish FA asked UEFA to suspend itself from the federation. RFEF cited government interference and its demands to remove Rubiales from office. The move would ban Spanish clubs from European competition and national teams from competing. UEFA rejected that motion, which was largely a move to silence some of Rubiales’ critics.

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