An investment firm based out of Miami could be in the market for a buyout of Premier League club Everton. With the Toffees in a battle of on- and off-the-field issues, Everton is looking for wholesale changes.

The Athletic now reports that 777 Partners, which holds a stake in other European clubs, could seek a full takeover at Goodison Park. This is in spite of rising costs at the club due to stadium construction. Then, on the field, Everton is clinging to survival for the second year running. Level on points with 18th-placed Nottingham Forest, Everton is only outside of the relegation zone based on goal differential.

To capitulate issues, 777 Partners are interested in Everton despite looming points punishments in the league. Other clubs in the relegation battle are pushing for any kind of reprimand to arrive this season. However, the season ends in May, which would be a tight timeline for the independent investigation to reach a conclusion.

Even though Everton is suffering on both ends, club owner Farhad Moshiri insists he is not looking for a buyer. He has invested personal money into the construction of Everton’s new stadium.

Even then, supporters are adamant that they are fans of one of the worst-run clubs in the league.

Miami investment firm eyes Everton

There is no official report on whether or not 777 Partners is looking to be the exclusive owners of the club, or if they just want to invest. Looking at other investments from the group in European soccer, they are a combination of total ownership and shares.

The group has full ownership of Genoa in Serie A and Standard Liege in Belgium. Then, its stake in Hertha Berlin adheres to the 50+1 rule in Germany, so it is not total ownership.

In January, when Farhad Moshiri did put Everton up for sale, he sought around $600 million.

Among the companies that 777 Partners have invested in, they included Fanatiz and ATA Football.