Everton is under the microscope of an independent commission regarding a violation of the Premier League’s financial fair play rules. The Premier League claims that the breach in financial rules occurred during the 2021/22 campaign.

Those rules state clubs are allowed to lose a maximum of $128 million over a three-year span. These Profitability and Sustainability rules are designed to ensure clubs are running profitable businesses. A violation of the rules can result in a fine or a points deduction.

According to reports, Everton’s net loss over a three-season span is more than $450 million. Part of that spending went towards a new stadium that is still under construction. Other spending was on transfers. Including the 2021/22 season, the season where this accusation rests, Everton spent almost $236 million on transfers alone. Meanwhile, it recouped only $100 million in player sales.

It is part of the reason Everton supporters are so upset with their owner. Last season, Everton supporters labeled their own club the ‘worst run club‘ in the Premier League.

Now, Everton faces a potential fine or points deduction, which would aggravate an already dismal season at Goodison Park. Everton sits two points above the relegation zone after 28 games. Earlier in the season, the club fired Frank Lampard and appointed Sean Dyche in his stead.

EPL refers Everton to independent commission for Financial Fair Play violation

The Premier League’s referral to an independent commission did not come with many details. The league released a statement on Friday that said the investigation and hearings would be private.

Everton responded to the referral from the Premier League on Friday, too. The club said it “strongly contests the allegation of non-compliance and together with its independent team of experts is entirely confident that it remains compliant with all financial rules and regulations.

This debacle at Goodison Park started last season. Burnley and Leeds United accused Everton of violating the financial fair play rules. Last season, all three were in the relegation battle, with Burnley eventually going down.

There is no timetable in place for how long the commission will take to review this Everton case.