It will be a while before the World Cup kicks off in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

One of the most intriguing conflicts, though, is going to be determined before the tournament even begins. In fact, it has nothing to do with the battle on the pitch.

It’s yet to be decided which American city will play host to the World Cup Final three years before the commencement of the quadrennial’s most significant soccer tournament.

The top three contenders to host the grand event are all located in the United States.

Cities all around want to host the championship game, but only three will be recognized as true contenders. Cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Dallas are included. SoFi Stadium, AT&T Stadium, and MetLife Stadium are all located in these metropolises.

What do these three options offer?

Los Angeles is a major media hub, and its size means that travelers seldom encounter gridlock when traversing the city. In 1994, the men’s World Cup Final was played at the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles, and in 1999, the women’s World Cup Final was played there.

However, because American football was the primary focus in the design of SoFi Stadium, Los Angeles’ historical edge has been slightly mitigated.

On the other hand, more than 100,000 spectators may now be accommodated at Dallas’ AT&T Stadium thanks to an expansion project. The venue, which first opened in 2009, is slated to get renovations in time for the World Cup.

Then there’s MetLife Stadium, where an average of 80,000 people are expected to watch each World Cup game. Financially, the increased match schedule might make up for the loss of a championship game, but it can’t replace the prestige that comes with playing home to the tournament’s showpiece event.

Which one is favorite?

The Times reports that the new frontrunner to host the 2026 World Cup Final would be MetLife Stadium, home of the New York Giants. A championship game at the MetLife Stadium would be more convenient for viewers in different time zones and generate more interest than the other competitors.

However, there are concerns that the city’s high heat may compromise the event. That gives a slight hope for the AT&T Stadium as it boasts a climate-controlled interior and a roof.

Nevertheless, it seems that Los Angeles is out of the running since the surface at SoFi Stadium does not meet FIFA’s specifications, the report adds.

Photo credit: IMAGO / Icon Sportswire