The reasons Lionel Messi has been going viral on social media go well beyond his on-field prowess.

It turns out that Lionel Messi is much like every other famous athlete: he has a ritual that he follows before each game. As a member of Inter Miami‘s soccer team, the athlete is always in the news.

Not long ago, Messi’s contentious pizza post on Instagram story was also making waves. In September, the MLS player drove fans into a frenzy when he uploaded an Instagram photo of his pizza order.

The Argentine icon had just returned from international duty and uploaded a number of photos on Instagram Stories depicting his pizza delivery. He chose to order a Fugazza, clearly craving a flavor of home after his short return to South America.

The pizza at this Miami spot is basically an Argentine spin on focaccia, and it’s the house specialty. As the media suggested, he went for the “Don Antonio” pizza, which is topped with mozzarella, tomato sauce, onion, olives, anchovies, and tomato slices.

But what the public saw as just tomato slices on bread led to scorn for the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner. Now that we know Messi loves a good slice, the question becomes: what is his preferred beverage?

What is yerba mate drink?

In fact, the renowned sportsman often drinks Yerba Mate Tea—he even carried some with him to the 2022 World Cup. The dried leaves of the yerba plant are the basis of the traditional South American beverage known as mate, which is strong in caffeine.

It’s traditionally served in a unique ‘pot’ crafted from calabash gourds, a plant whose fruits are both decorative and tasty. Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Syria, and Lebanon are among the nations that love it for its bitter flavor.

Messi also has a long-standing partnership with Pepsi
Messi also has a long-standing partnership with Pepsi

Messi also has a long-standing partnership with Pepsi

The drink is socially enjoyable and has many health advantages, but it is also fun to prepare with friends. Iced tea is another popular way to have mate, but the hot drink is more common.

As with coffee and tea, mate is a stimulant that may lift one’s spirits and sharpen one’s focus. But it has no bearing on the time that people sleep. Actually, mate can improve the quality of sleep much more.

The second reason mate is great for those who are trying to eat healthily is because it has polyphenol antioxidants. Last but not least, this beverage boosts metabolism and immunity thanks to vitamins B and C.

Messi comes up with startling Lay’s idea

It seems like Messi has gone to new heights with his devotion to the mate drink. The sensation from Inter Miami is making a triumphant return to the crisp market with a startling new taste.

Having already collaborated with Walkers and Lays, two brands owned by PepsiCo, the Argentine superstar is prepared to launch a daring new product. On his Instagram profile, the 36-year-old former Barcelona forward recently posted a snack box flavored like mate tea.

“That moment when I thought Lay’s couldn’t get any better… What do you think about this flavor idea?”, he wrote.

To be more specific, Messi’s contract requires him to advertise Lay’s chips, and has for quite some time. He has been in their commercials on numerous occasions.

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