Among Juventus’ key performers this year has been Weston McKennie. Considering he was almost sold from the club in the summer, he has shown outstanding play.

Thanks to his impressive return to form for Juventus, Weston McKennie has been named the club’s best player so far this season, according to Tuttosport. The Italian publication has released its ratings for every game played this season.

United States national team standout racked up the most points among the Bianconeri players. Throughout the season, McKennie has appeared in every game for the Bianconeri, manning several positions.

In the 3-5-2 formation, he initially began on the right flank. However, coach Massimiliano Allegri had to switch him to the middle since Paul Pogba and Nicolo Fagioli were banned.

How did Weston McKennie fare at Leeds?

The second part of last season was a trying loan period for McKennie, but he has now pulled himself up. Leeds United were subsequently demoted from the Premier League during his tenure there.

With the Old Lady, the American men’s national team midfielder has played in 18 games so far this year. His total playing time is just over 1,400 minutes, and he has assisted twice.

Staying put in Turin this season, McKennie has become a key member of Allegri’s team. The benefits of the midfielder’s resurgence are obvious for Juventus. With only one loss in 18 league games, they are now in second position, two points behind Inter.

When McKennie returned to Turin in the summer, he found himself in a precarious situation. The Bianconeri were in the beginning willing to consider moving the American star. Regardless, McKennie has shown immense strength and will by reclaiming a significant position on the Juventus squad.

McKennie says Elland Road provided a growing experience-

Weston McKennie has acknowledged that he had a poor performance and disappointed some people at Leeds, but he has learned from the experience. After a trying stint in England, the 25-year-old told EightbyEight he learned a lot.

“I’m someone who always tries to think positively. I believe in God, I believe there’s always a plan, there’s a journey that’s set out for you, and everything happens for a reason. So, I still view my move to Leeds as a step forward for me.

“It might not be in other people’s eyes. But I think that’s what I needed at that time in my career. Every player can get a little bit complacent and comfortable with what they’re doing.

“I think going to Leeds and having the experience I had there, I may have let some people down. I may have let some fans down who supported Leeds and believed in me.”

Even though McKennie had a rough time at Leeds, he came back to Turin even more hungry to show himself: “When I left Leeds, I knew I had a bad showing. I knew I didn’t have the time that I thought I was going to have or that maybe I should have had.

“It put me in a mindset that when I came back here to Juventus, I was starting brand new. I’m going back to Juventus like it’s my first time. I have to prove myself all over again.”